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Bullying is something everyone has experienced in their life. Everyone retaliates to it differently. Some responses to bullying are positive and others are corrupt. There are more people involved with bullying than just the bully and the victim. There are also multiple forms of bullying and it can take place anywhere at anytime. The many definitions of bullying all seem to have one thing in common. They all mention one individual overpowering another. Long term effects of bullying can cause permanent damage to an individual.
Like adults who have repeated the cycle of child abuse, a child may also do the same with bullying. It is always a possibility that the victims of bullying may become ...view middle of the document...

There is much discomfort that is felt by being a bystander. In cases like this, it is very vital that bystanders affected by bullying get counseling because even being a witness can be a mental hazard and cause permanent damage that may hurt the individual’s well being. As a bystander, it is complicated for action to be taken place. The Educational Development Center claim bystanders choose to not intervene for the following reasons…
Why don’t more bystanders intervene?
They think, “It’s none of my business.”
They fear getting hurt or becoming another victim.
They feel powerless to stop the bully.
They don’t like the victim or believe the victim “deserves” it.
They don’t want to draw attention to themselves.
They fear retribution.
They think that telling adults won’t help or it may make things worse.
They don’t know what to do.
Bystanders who don’t intervene or don’t report the bullying often suffer negative consequences themselves. They may experience:
Pressure to participate in the bullying
Anxiety about speaking to anyone about the bullying
Powerlessness to stop bullying
Vulnerability to becoming victimized
Fear of associating with the victim, the bully, or the bully’s pals
Guilt for not having defended the victim
It is very clear that the bully and the victim are not the only individuals involved in bullying. The bystanders are very much affected by what takes place (
The bystander’s emotional damage can cause a lot of anxiety and/or fear of social rejection. Bystander’s choice of how he/she may react to bullies can affect their concentration in school and make them feel uncomfortable or for some cases make them unable to forgive her/himself for not acting wisely. Thoughts of regret and no self forgiveness can lead to deep sadness or depression. The long term effect bullying has on the bystander is powerful because it can be very manipulating and force these individuals to make tough...

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