The Problem With Today’s Youth Language

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Have you noticed something wrong with the vocabulary that the young people of the modern world have been using? If not, I suggest you take another look. The words and sentence structure has become lazy and lost its rightful rank of importance, falling into the youths’ view of boring and tedious. The vast amount of words are slowing decaying to the last of their lives, soon to be un- or misused by the masses, some even becoming extinct out of malpractice or ignorance of the current existence. Sadly, definitions have even been altered due to being wrongly used in everyday speak, mainly misused by the youth of today. I will talk about how some or most young adults speak, how it can carry into adulthood, the cons of using the language, ways to encourage the use of proper and advanced language in speaking and in writing and more.

The tone that many young people take on that is informal, and that is all right, especially if it is around friends or family. The problem is that some of them do not understand the appropriate times to change their tone and slang language to fit a more proper or formal setting. Instead, they continue to use the slang and inappropriate tones that are normal for their everyday conversations. This can cause complications for the youth in certain situation, such as, job interviews or when talking to an adult who is not familiar with them. The speaking mannerisms may also show up in writings, causing hardship on students in classes that require essays.

If a teen has improper speech or cannot tell when to shift their mannerisms will likely not develop the skill in adulthood. This is a problem because once in the position of being seen as an adult, it means that you must behave in a certain way and give off a certain sense about you that shows maturity and education, where having improper speech mannerisms and using slang can bring about the assumption of one being uneducated or immature. The problem with this is that it can make being a professional in most fields difficult for the individual in question. Changing a few or more things can help this. Posture, dressing nicely or appropriately, speaking in a calm and collected voice, and keeping visible grooming can improve the visual aspects of being a professional or an adult in a good position.

There are many downsides to using informal and improper language in inappropriate situations. Some are: 1. being seen as unprofessional 2. being denied something you were applying for, such as a job position 3. not being respected as you should 4. and finally, possibly being forcibly removed from a location. These are just a few major of many negative reactions to an adult speaking with underdeveloped speech skills can have if they do not try to correct themselves.

There is a myriad of ways to help...

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