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The Problems And Predicaments Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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According to Vishal Persaud of NBC Washington, the average price of health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is $328. At first glance this may seem like a fair price, but is this actually the most affordable option? Can everybody get this option? The fact of the matter is that this is not actually the best option for United States citizens. The act forces many Americans to lose their current insurance, meaning many citizens paying small amounts of money for insurance will actually have to pay more because of the act; also, the act will force government dependency, reducing the freedom that America was once known for. Also, there is an issue of where money will actually come from to fund this bill. Along with this, the healthcare received will be of lower quality than before and many healthcare providers will need to change and will need to take pay cuts due to regulations within the law;this could lead to a diminishing health work field with many practices shutting down leading to less and less options for recipients.
Many Americans who already had health insurance will lose their current plans and be forced into two options: sign up for the PPACA, or pay more monthly to stay with their current providers. In "Can You Really Keep Your Health Plan? The Limits of Grandfathering Under the Affordable Care Act”, Elizabeth Leonard explains that the grandfathering rule does not apply to many citizens. This is a serious flaw considering that early on President Barrack Obama had promised the country that if they wanted to keep their plan then they could. Not only was this false but it also caused a major problem for many Americans. The act was supposed to help the citizens without any insurance but now it is actually punishing many citizens for not having what the government deems to be correct insurance. If this goes any further than it could lead to too many mandatory, government controlled programs.
The amount of control involved with the PPACA is alarming. The government is consequently forcing citizens to become dependent on the government. If citizens become more dependent then the country will start to move away from a democracy and towards a dictatorship. This country is known for its freedom, but this act is the beginning of severely limiting that right. We have a government based on the ideals of freedom, derived from the hatred of one being to have absolute rule. The way the government is moving, it may become that one being. Citizens could begin to lose rights and eventually lose the ability to choose how their life would turn out.
How will the government afford this bill? Not only does there need to be money to pay for the insurance itself, there needs to be money to enforce the regulations involved with the act. Money from people actually paying for insurance will help but Richard Foster explains in his book Estimated...

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