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The Problems Of Glasgow's Inner City

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The Problems of Glasgow's Inner City
Glasgow is located in the south of Scotland; it is the largest city in
Scotland with a population of 630,000. There have been many changes in
industry and city planning throughout its history.

Glasgow was founded in the 19th century. It was a good settlement sit
because it was located near the River Clyde which was essential for
trade and fishing. Nearby coalfields made the city successful. One
fifth of all the ships in the world were built in Glasgow. It was said
that Glasgow “provided the world with ships”.

Glasgow’s main products included coal, iron and steel. The city was
very successful and made lots of money. Most of the money was spent
putting up lots of new buildings.

Everything changed towards the 20th century mainly because of the two
world wars. The city’s industry stopped producing so much money and
there was a high number of unemployment. There were no work for years.
In 1958, 29 districts were marked as a comprehensive redevelopment scheme. People were moved out; the tenements were knocked down and new buildings were built on top of the demolished buildings. In many parts where the old tenements were knocked down, multi-storey flats at between 8-30 storeys high were built. The newly build flats were the highest in Britain.[IMAGE]
a disaster, large areas of housing in the city were among the worst in

The quality of employment declined. Skilled steel workers are out of
job and working on the River Clyde was hard work which never paid

People were living in slum conditions. The old Victorian houses were
wearing out and were beyond repair. Tenements became the most popular
type of building in Glasgow. The tenements were 4-5 storeys high with
3-4 flats on each floor and were made mostly of stone. The tenements
were built all over the city to house people who moved from the
countryside to the city to look for work. Rubbish dumps at the back of
the tenements became filthy and were invested with rats. The rats got
inside the flats and lived inside the empty basements.

Home districts of tenements which were mainly houses from Victorian
times were knocked down. Many people were re-housed in very different
types of buildings. People wanted new, improved renovated areas, but
got high rise tower blocks.

At the time, it was seen as a solution to all the problems, but it
caused many new problems. In many of the new buildings, there were no
hot water, bathrooms or lavatories. The high rise flats lead to large
gaps in the city’s landscape. While development continued in the city
centre, many large towers...

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