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The Problems Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Most Americans in the United States may not truthfully admit that there is discrimination in America when it comes to immigration.  The type of immigration that I am referring to is that of illegal immigration into the United States from the southern borders.  The people coming here illegally or those that have overstayed passed their stipulated time issued by their visas are the ones who are facing this problem head on.  They are coming originally from different countries, such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and other Latin American countries.  In the United States the estimated number of illegal immigrants has grown from 6 million in the 1990's, as stated in the US census (Woodrow, 1998), to over 13 million in 2009.  The larger numbers of illegal immigrants entering the United States from these Latin American countries are Mexicans, who make up 59% of the group (Simpson, 2009). 
               Illegal immigration as stated above occurs in two forms; immigrants can either cross the border or overstay their visa.  They have common reasons of why they are trying to remain in the United States.  The main reason is poverty in their countries of origin, which can include the amount of money people can make in those countries.  The way of life or lack of ability to support families has caused people to come to America for a better future.   The people of Mexico are a prime example of those who want a better life for their families.  Out of about 100 million people in Mexico there are 48.9 million living in patrimonial poverty, meaning that the per capita income of this population is less than what is needed to pay for food, clothing, footwear, housing, healthcare, public transportation, and education.  In 2006 it was reported that 14 million lived in extreme poverty (BBC, 2008).   Furthermore, people in Mexico see that they can make 5 times more money in the United States.  In 2007 Mexico's economy created 950,000 jobs, but had 1.1 million entering the workforce (Hawley, 2008).  With these struggles many people from Latin America come to the United States with a purpose and mission.
As immigrants enter the country, they are striving to better their economic situation while the United States has another plan for them or thoughts about them.  The United States has placed these individuals to work in agriculture, construction, food service, hospitality, and other areas where many American citizens are not willing to take part.  In these areas immigrants are hired to do food preparation, office cleaning, maintenance, and house construction. The different companies or contractors that decide to hire immigrants hire them because they know that they will work in substandard or hazardous conditions for a lower wage.  It is well understood by the employer that he or she can do this because the employee is grateful to be able to work and not get sent back to their home countries where the situation would be worse (Jones, 2008). 

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