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The Problems Of Northern Ireland Essay

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The Problems of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is part of Ireland which is the most western part in
Europe. It is a small place with a population of 1.5 million and is no
larger than Yorkshire. It has been the centre of media attention
because of a conflict between the people of the province. Many people
have been killed there and in the years 1968-1994 over three thousand
died. Northern Ireland is ruled by the British parliament in London
where as the republic of Ireland has its own government and parliament
in Dublin.

Unionists are made up of Protestants wanting Northern Ireland to be a
part of the UK. They think that British troops in Northern Ireland
should stay and help fight terrorism. Unionists have four main groups
they are; UUP (Ulster Unionist Party) Established in the late 19th
Century, DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) Established in 1971 by Ian
Paisley, UDA/UDF (Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer
Force) Established in early 1970’s and the Orange Order. The Orange
Order takes a frontal approach by organising regular marches to
celebrate traditions of the protestant community. Although this isn’t
a violent approach it would cause violence if they came into contact
with Nationalists and they made sure they did. The UUP defends the
interests of Northern Protestants. The DUP and UDA/UDF all use
violence to get there own way and what they want and the UDA/UDF is
illegal. They were both established to fight the IRA. They have taken
a tough and uncompromising view leading to them being responsible for
the murders of innocent Catholics.

Nationalists are made up of Catholics wanting Ireland to be one
country and ruled by Dublin. They think British troops in Ireland
should go home. Nationalists have three main groups they are; SDLP
(Social Democratic and Labour Party) Founded in 1970, IRA (Irish
Republican Army) Established in 1919 and Sinn Fein. SDLP and Sinn Fein
are both political however Sinn Fein back up revolutionary violence
and work of the IRA. The IRA use force to oppose British presence in
Ireland and have killed many British soldiers and Northern Ireland
police officers. The IRA is illegal.

Overall what cause so much conflict in Ireland are the different
groups fighting for unionist and nationalist views. They all believe
that they are right and it seems that they won’t quit until others
believe it. All groups for nationalist views want the same thing like
unionist groups they all want the same thing to but are going
different ways about it. There are political parties, terrorist
groups, religious groups and historical links battling for unionist
and nationalist views. It causes a lot of suspicion and violence and
there is not just one fight to be solved but many.

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