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The Problems Of Population Growth In China

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China is a developing country with the biggest population in the world. Based on 2008 research data about Chinese population, China has over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605 as of mid-2008), and it becomes the world's most populous country (Matt, 2008). The excessive population growth has been brought contradictions and serious problems such as environment pollutions, social problems like housing, employment and education. The Chinese Government pays great attention to the issue of population and development and has placed it on the agenda as an important part of the overall plan of its national economic and social development.In the first place, environmental problem has been troubling people for a long time, especially in the 21st century. A rising population implies growing pressure on the environment. More people mean more waste products. In recent decades, especially with the Implementation of reform and opening-up policy in 1978, economy in China has made Remarkable achievements; the living standard had the remarkable enhancement during this period. According to this, population in China increased rapidly, not only in cities, population in countries has been increasing beyond people's imagination, nearly twice as much as the original number. It is a fact that the environmental problems followed on population's heels. In urban area, large numbers of flats, factories, and public facilities have occupied most of land, making people's activity space less and less, and then urban area is becoming crowded. People make litter and rubbish in their daily lives. With the lack of management, rubbish can be seen not only in the Garbage disposal center, but also in the street and under the flats as well. With long time accumulating, rubbish will break the structure of the soil, when burned, toxic gas will make serious air pollution. If wasted water is released into the rivers, water will be polluted and it will lead to Water quality water scarcity. Gas like sculpture dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide will lead Ozone layer cavity, making air condition worse day by day. In the countries, large population will make people sacrifice the balance of eco-logical environment for their living spaces and their lives. Forests will be replaced by field and reserve resources will be less and less. Natural disasters like flood, Desertification and Sandstorm will be caused by these behaviors.Secondly, sex-imbalance is another problem caused by large population. Lin (2008) pointed that with a strong preference for boys, Chinese couples would try their best to give birth to boy babies. This make sex ratio has been getting increase steadily since 1990s. Lin also predicted that the number of people aged 65 or older will reach about 320 million in 2040, making up nearly 22 percent of the total population, while this percentage is only about 8.1 percent. Sex unbalance will cause society develop abnormally. China will have a male population of up to 30 million in 2020 who may...

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