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The Problems Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen pregnancy has been a huge problem in the United States for decades. Statistics show that about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year in the U.S. and the United States spend $7 billion each year to cover the costs of teen pregnancy. Also, the main rise in teen pregnancy is among girls who are 15 and younger. Girls who are 15 and younger are practically children. Legally they cannot take care of themselves, now they are responsible for another life if they become pregnant. There will never be a solution to completely eliminate teen pregnancy; however, there are actions that can be taken to help prevent and reduce the percentage of teen pregnancy.
It used to be frowned upon to be pregnant at such a young age now people do not even stop to take a second look at pregnant teens because it is becoming so common. Not only is it common, but some teens are even choosing to become pregnant just because their friends are pregnant .This is called being in a ...view middle of the document...

The media does not show the real problems and hardships that teen go through. If all teenage girls really knew what pregnant women went through, they might have second guesses about wanting to become pregnant, or they might be more careful if they decide to become sexually active. One solution to help prevent teen pregnancy is if sex education is given in high school instead of middle school and shows all the hardships of teen pregnancy, it might be more effective. The sex education curriculum needs to be modified because even though every state is required to teach some sort of sex education, not every state or school covers every aspect that should be taught in that class. All schools and states should be required to teach the students about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, along with all the hardships and every problem that comes along with having a baby at such a young age. In the United States only 33 states are required to teach students about HIV/AIDS. Also, 37 states require parental involvement, and 35 states allow parents to opt their child out of sex education.
The next solution to help prevent teen pregnancy is for school nurses to hand out condoms. Many people feel that this would enable teens to become more sexually active; however, in reality if teens are choosing to have sex they will have sex whether or not schools are passing out condoms. Condoms help prevent transmitting diseases and were made to help prevent pregnancies. Also some teens do not have the money to buy condoms and just choose not to use them for that reason alone. Having available condoms at school does not force teens to have sex; it just makes it easier and safer for teens that are choosing to be sexually active.
If all schools provided free condoms and provided a sex education class that taught students about the diseases and negative causes that can come from unprotected sex, more teens would be more careful when choosing to become sexually active and there would not be as many pregnant teens in the United States.

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