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The Problems That Pollution Brought In China

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Due to factory smoke, car waste and plastic china has become one of the most polluted countries in the world for centuries. By china producing goods for other countries it makes their problem even worse. There are many solutions to this massive problem , but china has not found one that works. Even though china has bad pollution it not only affects their country but others as well.
In china today their pollution has become a huge problem due to the factory industry, the pollution has increased tremendously. The factories that contribute to the pollution manufacture products for other countries. Huge factories , industrial plants and power plants which produce huge amounts of air ...view middle of the document...

The provincial, municipal and federal governments are working to improve air quality, and address climate change, through legislation, policies, new programs and specific actions(
Many say that cleaning up china's air pollution can take years even decades. There are many solution to the problem for example if they take down their heavy industry the air can be fixed(Desliver). Being that china produces tons of goods for other countries they can limit what the manufacture and distribute. China's emission of traditional pollutants and greenhouse gases are connected to the products we buy and use everyday(Wong). China's Government has not only tried to limit what they manufacture, but they have made expectations for their country.
The government sets a national target for carbon dioxide emissions per unit or factory,this means that factories are limited to how much coal they can use(The economist newspaper). Having these type of targets can not only help China with their pollution but can make their industry better. Also it can make their products have less pollutants in them. Researchers have studied these solutions for years and they found that limiting coal may help eliminate the problem, but increasing their economy can help can get rid of it a lot quicker(The economist newspaper).
All in all china may be one of the most industrialized countries, but due to that they have created a problem that is huge....

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