The Problems With Abortion And Solutions

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The Problems with Abortion and Solutions

Abortion is referred as the termination of a pregnancy or of a fetus that is incapable of survival ( Abortion is morally wrong and illegal because the fetus is a person. It is the same thing as murder. The reasons people have abortions are they are not ready to handle the responsibility of another human being, the fetus may have a birth defect, mother’s heath is an issue, rape, or simply because they don’t want any more children (Abortioninfo). The majority of people that have abortions are teenagers. Abortion is flat out wrong and should be banned. Being that abortion is immoral no matter the circumstances, justifies the need for a law to make it illegal.

Abortion has been taking place since the beginning of time. It was not called abortion back then. Pregnant women were abused which caused their children to be born prematurely. Their children were either killed or left to die (Abortioninfo). Today, this procedure is way more intentional and is decided on by the mother or as the fetus knows it; their home for the next nine months. Abortion has become so common these days, that there are various ways of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The RU-486 pill is a type of drug that produces an abortion after the mother misses her first period (SilentScream). This pill causes the blockage of a useful hormonal nutrient that causes the fetus shrivel up and die. This pill is used when the fetus is about two to three weeks old (SilentScream). The fetus has a beating heart and brain waves that move rapidly. This drug has many side effects which can be lethal. These side effects consist of liver damage, kidney destruction, heart muscles compromise, pulmonary failure, gastrointestinal pathology, and bone marrow. Another way to end a pregnancy is through a procedure called D and X also known as partial birth abortion. This usually occurs during the second or third trimester. The cervix is dilated for the entry of surgical forceps (AbortionTV). The fetus is partly pulled though the vagina in a breech style. The legs of the fetus are hanging out of the womb. The doctor forces the scissors into the back of the head and spreads the scissors to increase the wound size. A suction cup is held over the fetus’s head as the brains are sucked out (AbortionTV). The body is removed and the womb is cleaned of any other birthing particles. The partial abortion procedure can have fatal side effects such as infection of the cervix, excessive bleeding of the womb, chances for the mother to be fertile decreases, and causes scarring of the uterine wall. Medical experts thought the fetus couldn’t feel the pain of the scissors going through its head but, they were wrong. Studies show that it can feel the pain three to five times more than an adult that would experience it (AbortionTV). The tiny fetus’s are sedated and numbed up so the won’t feel the intense pain.

Since the legalization of...

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