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The Operation Of David Jones Ltd Utilizing Michael E. Porter's Theories And Focusing On The Retail Industry.

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Table Of ContentsTable of Contents iExecutive Summary iiIntroduction iiiDiscussion(Porter's Theories) ivDiscussion cont`d vDiscussion cont`d (Value Chain) viDiscussion cont`d viiRecommendations viiiReference List ixExecutive SummaryThis analysis of David Jones Ltd being presented via Porter's theories show the companies strategic position in the retail industry is really strong and visible to the customers and consumers. Aiming to present the threats of new entrants to new competitors, via economies of scale, product differentiation, capital, etc. Bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of buyers which challenge one another, the competitive rivairy and giving supporting evidence that David Jones have been adapting to these in different ways.The Value chain analysis merely presents the infrastructure, human resources department, technology and development, and procurement and makes up the organization. The value chain is the business activity that creates and gives value to the product or service that buyers purchase. However, the analysis being made up of logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services all generate profit working as a whole for David Jones and any other organization for that matter. Its main focus is on how David Jones can add value to satisfy customer requirements.Recommendations made towards Porter's five forces are linked to the structure of David Jones and how they can implement a more strategic and competitive approach to the market and being a market leader against direct and indirect competitors.IntroductionThe purpose of this report aims to perceive how the operation of David Jones Ltd is throughout the competitive market that it stands, while utilizing Michael E. Porter's Theories and focusing on the retail industry. Porter's theories can be integrated throughout all types of industries and markets in different sectors of the retail businesses.The objective in this report is to demonstrate the tools for deciding how to compete and ways to develop a competitive advantage. In reference to Porter, the strategy to present the status of David Jones will be via Porter's Industry Structure analysis (five forces model), Porter's three generic strategies and Porter's value chain concept being compared to other competitors within the industry.Each section of the five forces are categorized with either being a low, medium or high threat and/or and an overall average is given for the entire model.Throughout this issue, David Jones Ltd struggles to meet ends to increase their market share to their shareholders, but manage to increase in profit on a yearly basis. When Wilkinson transferred over from Myer-Grace Bros, he applied the same strategy to David Jones and coming out with the same achievements as he did with his former organisation.This report will show all opposing and supportive views via Porter's theories and analyze the critical points to achieving a competitive advantage.A brief...

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