The Process Of Recruiting And Selecting Employees

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Successful managers know that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to dealing with employee problems. The risk of hiring a bad employee can be minimized with a sound recruitment and selection process. Recruiting and selecting the right employee for a position is important for the long-term benefit of our business. The process of recruiting and selecting employees can be divided into five main steps which are considering the needs of the position and the business, building an applicant pool, evaluating the applicants, making a selection and then, hiring and training them.The first step in a recruitment process, and maybe the most important, is to understand the job in order to recognize the best possible person to fill it. We must know if the employee need to have good written and communication skills, if this position require interaction with other employees, if this person have to read, drive, calculate... Developing a clear understanding of the "ideal" employee for each position is important in attracting such an employee and ensuring that he or she gets the job. That's why we must determine the time requirement of the position (part-time, full-time, temporary...), do a job analysis to describe all aspects of the job through observation, interviews with other employees, recommendations of experts, work diaries, and make a list of tasks to be performed. Then, we also must develop a job specification to group the necessary employee qualifications in terms of knowledge, abilities, skills or licenses.Getting qualified and interested applicants is a common concern. Even if the most successful employee recruitment methods, usually used by agricultural employers are word of mouth and referrals from current or former employees, recruitment also can be done through government agencies, schools/universities/colleges, classified ads, private agencies, and the Internet. Knowing the kind of individual who would best fill a position helps, too. For example, to hire a manager, we must determine the kinds of magazines a successful manager might subscribe to and the organizations to which he or she might belong, in order to advertise our position through those channels. We also have to develop a network of other people in the business, as well as in schools and colleges and let them know about your position. Concentrated efforts are frequently much more effective in the long run than a shotgun approach. But the best method of recruiting new talent to our business is still to make our business the kind of place where talented and hard working people feel appreciated and valued. This makes it easier to retain good employees and develop a reputation for being a great employer.Evaluating applicants can be difficult because it's easy to misjudge applicants--either letting a good employee slip through the cracks or being fooled by someone who is very impressive in the interview process but...

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