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The Process Of Adolescent Development Essay

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Adolescence is a transition which has no fixed time limits. However, the changes that occur at this time are so significant that it is useful to talk about adolescence as a distinct period of human life cycle. This period ranges from biological changes to changes in behavior and social status, thus making it difficult to specify its limits exactly (Damon, 2008). Adolescence begins with puberty, i.e. a series of physiological changes that lead to full development of the sexual organs and the ability to breed and sex. The time interval that elapses begins at 11 to 12 years and extends to 18 to 20. However we cannot associate to a 13 with one 18 years. Let us talk about early adolescence between 11 to 14 years, which coincides with puberty, and after a second period of youth, or late adolescence between 15-20 years. Its extension to adulthood depends on social, cultural, environmental as well as personal adaptation.

Thesis Statement
The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of environmental influence on the process of adolescent development
Social; sciences has changed the thinking of youth, and they have different views regarding different things. The process of adolescent development has influenced children ritually. As children develop, physical changes will be apparent to the casual observer. What is less obvious are the many important physiological and neurological changes occurring that will facilitate the other areas of development. During infancy and early childhood, children develop an incredible number of synapses, or branches that reach between neurons. Shortly after this fantastic cycle of growth, many of these synapses disappear. Those that are used more frequently remain. This process is known as synaptic pruning. The process of growth and shedding takes place over the course of several years. It is hypothesized that the overgrowth of synapses prepares young children to adapt to their environments. Once it is determined which synapses are used and which are unnecessary, the excess connections disappear, allowing the brain to work more efficiently. A process known as myelination also begins early in a child’s development. In this process an insulating layer of fat covers nerve cells. The insulating layer increases the speed at which neurochemical information moves along the axon, facilitating more rapid and efficient information processing
At the earliest ages, those nerves that involve sensory development become myelinated, followed by those neurons responsible for motor development. The final area of the brain in which myelination occurs is in the cortex with the neurons associated with complex thinking skills. This pattern of brain growth continues through late adolescence (Swanson, 2010). Attention span has also been linked to myelination. Therefore, children’s ability to concentrate and attend to novel stimuli increases with age and brain development. Because of these important development...

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