The Process Of Buying And Selling Organs Should Be Legalized

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Studies show that today several people die due to the lack of significant organs in the human body. Some organs are very important such as the kidney, liver and the heart. A human can live without one kidney, but can’t live without a heart. That’s why today it should be legal to buy organs from people that are willing to sell them. Buying organs can help someone dying or suffering to survive. Governments all around the world should overthink this issue and legalize the process of buying and selling organs. Iran is the only country in the world that allows people to sell and buy organs. So this shows that the shortage of organ transplantation is an issue that has yet to be solved all over the world. People have the right to do whatever they want with their body so they should think of legalizing it. All around the world, people are dying because they’re in need of a donor. Buying and selling organs benefits people by saving lives and preventing people from buying organs in the black market.
First of all, buying and selling organs can help save a person’s life. When a person is in need of an organ and has to have it in order to survive then that person should have a right to have that specific organ. If a donor is willing to save a life and agrees to sell his/her own organs then why should it be illegal? Legalizing this issue can help save thousands of lives around the world, it might be a bit expensive to buy an organ but it can help a person from dying and suffering. This process is a voluntary process, the government doesn’t force people to sell their own organs, and it’s a decision a person is willing to make. It might be quite risky to legalize it, and governments might receive a large backlash from several communities, but this is all for peoples own goods.
Another reason why selling and buying organs should be legalized is because it could stop people from selling their organs in the black market. It is a very bad idea for one to sell their own organs without a group of professional doctors that understands this issue. It might transfer several types of sicknesses such as aids or cancer from the donor to the buyer. If the government legalizes this important topic then people wouldn’t sell their organs in the black market. Organs that are sold in the black market could be very harmful and can kill...

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