The Process Of Decomposition Of Mixtures Into Compounds And Elements: Grey Water And Crude Oil

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Dairy factories generate a high amount of wastewater from cleaning the pipelines, tankers, mixing tanks, packing lines and floors. For every litre of milk produced, twice the amount of waste water would be generated. Each year big factories can generate about 5 million litres of waste water per day. I have chosen to research about the process of how the rinse water is separated into individual components to be left with safe grey water.Dissolved air flotation is a water cleaning process used to separate solid matter from water. In milk factories this process is used to clean the waste product from milk production. There are a few steps that need to be taken before the mixture and be placed ...view middle of the document...

The end product of grey water is reused around milk factory for cleaning. This saves a lot of money and saves litres of water which is very important especially while Australia’s dams are experiencing low water levels. And the pipes are now clean for the next batch of milk. The solid waste has formed a solid sludge and is of no use and is sent out to landfills.The process of separating this mixture involves using Hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is used in Australia because it is cheap, but the chloride salts residue needs to be scrapped off the tanks. Sulfuric acid can be used instead of Hydrochloric but it causes a smell and can result in corrosion. The amount of rinse water used to clean the pipes can be minimised by blowing out the pipes with pressure to insure the pipes are as clean as they can be before rinsing with water. If less water is used to clean the pipes less Hydrochloric acid will be used resulting in fewer residues.Crude oil is a naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbons formed over millions of years from decaying animal and aquatic plant matter. The refinery of crude oil in our society is very important, it is made up of many components which can all be separated into create many commercial products. Some of the products formed from crude oil are Petroleum, Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel distillate, Lubricating oil, Fuel oil and Residuals like asphalt.A mixture of at least two liquids can be separated by the distillation method, but this only completely separates the components of a mixture if the components have an adequately different boiling point of at least 40 - 50˚C. This single stage distillation process has its limitations as it can only separate one component of a mixture from other components of a mixture. This is not the most suitable method for separating the many components of crude oil as there are many different boiling points which are also quite similar.Fractional distillation allows for components with similar boiling points to be separated. Fractional distillation is carried out in fractional columns or refinery towers that can be about 20 - 50 metres tall which...

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