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The Process Of Designing A Website

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The Process of Designing a Website
To begin the process of designing a web site you should create a paper
prototype of five linked web pages.

Paper prototyping is a variation of usability testing where users
perform realistic tasks by interacting with a paper version instead of
a computer. With this we can obtain feedback from the user and then it
be dealt with before creating a web page.

The think-aloud technique is concerned with the behaviour of an
individual when performing a task.

We interviewed one user because we felt that if more users were to do
the prototype, then information will be discussed. We told the
participants at any time they could leave if they felt uncomfortable
in the situation. We use the feedback from the think-aloud technique
to improve our design in a variety of ways. When testing the usability
of our prototype with the user, they mention that there was no drop
down menu on the checkout section for some of the field such as card
type. The user found this very inconvenient due to the fact that they
had to fill it out by them self and that most sites they visit has

The colour scheme was a major usability issue because there were no
colours to attract the individual. By not leaving an impression, it
would mean that they would not remember the site. This is very
important because users vision a range of sites and if the web site
did not get their attention, then they would look elsewhere.

There were three buttons on the second page when buying a DVD. They
were abort order, continue shopping and go to checkout. The users
clicked on the ‘continue shopping’ button as he thought this would go
to the checkout page. However, it took the user back to the previous
page. This was not meant to happen because he was only asked to
choose one film and continue. The user finds this very confusing due
to the layouts of the buttons and the wording. As a result, they had
to start all over again and it irritated the user.

A “submit” button was required at the final page but this was not
displayed. The last page had mention that the order was completed.
However, the feedback use from the think aloud technique meant that by
proceeding onto another page would make the payment more reliable and

From using the think aloud technique to get feedback, we improve our
design to be a much more useful one. We put in drop down menus in
appropriates places so the user would find this more convenient. The
colour scheme was also changed to differentiate our website from the
rest and create a better first impression on the user. We made our
buttons clearer so the user can understand it better and also position
them in a viewable way. Therefore using this technique has made our
design more successful. (466 words)

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