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Offering the unique ability to visually and audibly convey a story, films remain a cornerstone in modern society. Combined with a viewer’s desire to escape the everyday parameters of life, and the excitement of enthralling themselves deep into another world, many people enjoy what films stand to offer. With the rising popularity of films across the world, the amount of film makers increases every day. Many technological innovations mark the advancement of film making, but the essential process remains the same. Pre-production accounts for everything taken place before any shooting occurs, followed by the actual production of the film, post-production will then consist of piecing the film ...view middle of the document...

A novel, written to entertain, differs from a script, written to explain what the viewer will be seeing and hearing throughout the film. Upon acquiring the script, the next steps will encompass preparation for shooting the film. Choosing locations to shoot at, photographing stills of these locations, creating floor plans, designing storyboards, and developing a shot sheet will all assist with the technical aspect of producing the film. In addition, these steps help share the director’s vision for the film and eliminate hours of wasted time on set. Ensuring the production crew and actors share the same vision accounts for much of the film’s quality. If clashing viewpoints regarding the vision occurred on set, it would create an awkward situation for both parties involved, and undermine the director’s authority for the rest of the shoot. Even more detrimental, a struggle between styles might be evident in the film. When creating a film, the production crew must commit to a certain style for the film, then work to achieve that style. If the majority of the production crew already agreed on a certain feel for the film, and one person believes a different approach more effective, then that differing viewpoint will show. Whether through cinematography, lighting, makeup, or costume design, the ideal film crew will all work together to take the film in one direction, not all struggling with one another to bring their individual concept to life.
Considering these individual roles, pre-production will also cater to the director, actors, lighting technicians, and cinematographers. The equivalence of a football team’s playbook, floor plans reveal an object’s position within a given scene. These diagrams provide an overhead view of the character’s positions, the positions of props, and what paths of motion each character will take throughout the scene. Floor plans prevent confusion regarding an actor’s movement within a scene. Storyboards serve a similar purpose, but in the form of slates much like the strips in a comic book. Storyboards convey how the film will actually look upon viewing it, and explore the framing and dynamics of each scene. Aimed more at set design, lighting technicians, and cinematographers, storyboards determine how each scene will appear aesthetically before the shoot. Every storyboard slate will need a background, therefore picking locations for the scenes and taking photographs of each location is essential. Once finished with creating storyboards, developing a shot sheet will occur next. Primarily a checklist to fill out during the shoot, a shot sheet lists which type of shots make up a given scene. Nearly eliminating the chance of forgetting a shot while on set, this resource serves as a useful tool for the director and cinematographer alike.
Upon both the possession of a script and preparing for the technical aspects of a film, the last pre-production step includes casting the actors. The script will often describe the...

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