The Process Of Making Tiffany Style Stained Glass Is Quite

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The process of making tiffany style stained glass is quite simple if the correct steps and safety are followed. Other than following the correct steps and safety, knowing the different types of glass, the cost of each piece of glass, and the solutions to different problems that could occur.Before beginning to work on a stained glass piece, it is important to design a cartoon or to make your own pattern. From this you would make sure you have at least two copies of this drawing, cut out the piece, and then place your pieces on the glass that is going to be used. It is important to make sure that while cutting the area where you are doing so stays clean to avoid damages on the other pieces of glass.There are up to 13 different types of glass that can be used. A clear, one colored glass, which is easy to work with, is known as cathedral glass. Just the opposite of cathedral would be opalescent, because it is opaque to light. Like cathedral there is another clear, one colored glass type but the only difference is that Seedy Cathedral has tiny air bubbles inside the glass. Granite pattern cathedral has gravel like texture on one side of the glass. Spectrum feathered, contains two or more colors, is mixed in layers and can be semi transparent cloudy to a cloudy opaque. Baroque is usually a clear glass with another colored glass fused on its surface. English Muffle, another variation of the cathedral glass, has raised bumps on surface, which has the opposite appearance of hammered cathedral. Antique glass has fine lines inside the glass giving it an old type appearance. Iridescent can be cathedral or opalescent type glass that looks like it has an oily surface giving it a rainbow like appearance. Glue chip doesn't have a rainbow like appearance but it does have a frosted or lace appearance, which is done by applying glue and sandblasting the exposed surface. Water glass has a wavy or rippled appearance type glass and the last type of glass is called bull's eye, which is composed of many different colors.After selecting your glass it is important to buy your glass. The cost of glass is found by multiplying the length by the width by...

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