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The Challenge Of Writing An Essay

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Here I have the challenge of writing an essay. It is one of the things that I dread the most in life. Many times I have been asked to write an essay for English class, and each time I despise it. Yet it has proved to be an invaluable skill, as I am writing one now. Some of the many things that I have learned from writing essays and other projects are time management, open-mindedness, and taking time to relax.'You should have done this weeks ago. You'll be sorry that you waited until the last minute to do this!' Mom's words prove true again and again. Time management is one of the most useful skills I learned from my twelve years in school. I used it in planning my Eagle Scout project by spreading the work over a few weekends so the workers would not be too tired to work effectively. I used it in completing my science fair projects so that I would have time to experiment and collect data. I have also used it in doing homework so that I would have time to be with my friends while maintaining good grades in school. Without it the world would be a disaster. What if instead of declaring war after the Pearl Harbor bombing Roosevelt decided to wait until the mainland was being bombed to declare war? I would be writing this from Virginia, Japan, and it definitely wouldn't be written in English. Effective time management is the key to success.Being open to other people's ideas helps in writing essays as well as every other aspect of life. On many occasions I have asked my parents, teachers and peers for ideas to help me to write essays, and other complicated tasks. I used my Scoutmaster's advice to plan my Eagle project so that it could be done more efficiently. In this essay I asked my English teacher to review my draft so that it could make more sense to you. As they say, two heads are better than one. All around us, people use others' ideas. The President has a cabinet to help him run the country, and most businesses have a board...

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