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The Product Bombardier Eco 4 Essay

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Product/Services plan:
Purpose of Product/Services: Bombardier transportation is the one of the leading technology in rail as well aero industry; it produces highly sophisticated products with good durability. They came up with an innovative technology called as “BOMBARDIER ECO4” in order to save energy and environment as well to upgrade train performance, this technology concentrates mainly on few important factors like energy, efficiency, economy and ecology (Bombardier, 1997-2013).
Bombardier transportation, a global leader in rail technology, offers the broadest portfolio in the rail industry and delivers innovative products and services that set new standards in sustainable mobility. BOMBARDIER ECO4 technologies- built on the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology- conserve energy protect the environment and help to improve total train performance for operators and passengers.
The product and services of Bombardier transportation are merged with the following aspects.
1) Rail vehicles
2) Bogies
3) Rail control solutions
4) Propulsion and controls
5) Transportation systems

1) Rail vehicles: The vehicles of this company provide continues mobility throughout the life cycle. It consists of operational performance with the highest levels of cost-efficiency, reliability, environment and safety. The design of vehicles are fulfilled with a wide range of operator requirements such as
• Operational efficiency
• Corroborative technology
• Robust
• Sustainable products
• Innovative designs
• Cross border interoperability
By considering such types of requirements Bombardier had developed about 100,000 over the entire globe with high speed technology and also these metro train services are maintained over 40 cities worldwide. Bombardier has different types of railway products that come under this rail vehicles section. They are
a. Automated people movers systems are an technology, which is used in each and every rail.
b. Automated Monorails, which are useful for airport links to inner city routes and transform the urban transportation systems.
c. Light Rail Vehicles, which are in different shapes and fits according to the city infrastructure. For this vehicles Bombardier has an award winning tram designs in Europe’s leading cities.
d. Metros, these are the biggest transit operators today with efficient and comfortable transport.

2) Bogies: These bogies are also called as FLEXX bogies which are successfully operated worldwide. It covers a wide range of railway vehicles.
• Trams FLEXX urban bogies
• Metros FLEXX bogies
• Locomotives power bogies
• Diesel and electronic multiple speed bogies
• Passenger coaches load bogies.
With these variety of bogies Bombardier provides a high quality transportation with more reliable and safety. There are many benefits by using these bogies like accessibility, comfort, effective maintenance and flexibility.
3) Rail control solutions: Bombardier maintains the demands of both...

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