The Production And Sale Of Cigarettes Should Be Made Illegal

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Along the history the discussion of made illegal the production and sale of cigarettes has been one of the principal’s topic in our society. It not only has a negative impact in the human health, but also can cause death. That’s why the discussion had grown up through the history between smokers and non-smokers. Obviously non-smokers people are against to the production of the cigarettes, and in the other hand people that like smoke think that everybody has to have the right of buy and smoke cigarettes. Because smoking is horrible for your health, do not has any benefits and the most important non-smokers people can be more affected than the smokers the production and sale of ...view middle of the document...

Another one is coronary thrombosis; a blood clot in the arteries supplying the heart muscle, which can lead to a heart attack. Around 30 per cent are caused by smoking. Cerebral thrombosis: the vessels to the brain can become blocked, which can lead to collapse, stroke and paralysis. Repeated small episodes of damage to the brain’s blood supply are also an important cause of dementia. Blockage to the vascular supply to the legs may lead to pain on exercise, gangrene and amputation. These are the most common diseases of smoking but the cancer it the worst. People who smoke are more expenses to get a cancer than non-smokers. You can see it partially true of lung cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer, which rarely affect non-smokers. Those cancers are directly linked with habit of smoke. The there are any others risk cause by smoke like high blood pressure, asthma, macular degeneration and also increased the risk of cataracts.
Second, there is not any benefit from smoke. This horrible habit affect the users themselves, but also they affect their surrounding including the environment and cause pollution in the air that everybody use. Almost everyone who smoke have teeth and finger turned yellow because the nicotine that contain the cigarettes. The hair of smoker turn gray and thin faster and they would look older as they are not. Smokers eventually has problems with the weight most of them are skinny people with the risk of anemia, and in the other hand the minority of them usually get obese which cause danger for your health. Smokers most of the time their clothes smell cigarettes and that for many people is a symptoms of dirty. Houses and cars also get this bad smell eve thought they are so adapted to this smell that they cannot smell it but the people around them can. People who smoke taste food and drink different to us because the taste of their tongue is affected by the nicotine .This can also affect our finances for example if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day you will save over 2,000 dollars per year. One of the primary questions when you are filling an insurance application is if you smoke or not; so this will affect your rate of insurance police depend of your smoker status. They tend to be less productive because of course...

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