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In the motion picture The Program begins with the fictional ESU college football team who just finished another losing season and now looking to address their needs. ESU head coach Sam Winters goes on a recruiting trip and meet’s with Darnell Jefferson a highly recruited running back who has already spoke with the University of Michigan. A college with an appealing football program and education, Darnell’s father tells coach Winters that he is worried about his education. Coach Winters invites Darnell to visit ESU which he accepts as the scene cuts to him arriving to the College on a lavish bus greeted with a the University cheerleaders cheering his name and the College band performing at ...view middle of the document...

Third the University is prohibited from using personalized audio/video scoreboard presentations as a recording was played when Darnell entered the institution’s stadium violating [] which states that an institution may not arrange miscellaneous, personalized recruiting ads (e.g., personalized jerseys, personalized audio/video scoreboard presentations) and may not permit a prospective student athlete to engage in any game day simulations (e.g., running onto the field with the tram during pre-game introductions) during an official visit. The evidence in this going to trial is irrefutable due to witness testimony of the band, cheerleaders, the female host autumn, and Joe Kane. Darnell could sue for Negligence, emotional distress and Res ipsa loquitur after being exposed to the pressure to come to the college instead of where he intended to go and possibly paid by boosters to help support his family which is an offer he couldn’t refuse. This is civil court battle against the college and specific members of the football program.
The second incident is when backup Quarterback ESU Bobby Collins has a girl Luanne the coach Winters daughter who had her under the impression that he had professed his love for her then convinces her to take an exam for him in a class that he was failing, She is caught along with Bobby Collins and are both promptly both expelled from the University. Coach Winters was infuriated when he finds out about the incident and has a meeting with Bobby Collins then informs him that he has been kicked off the team. A few weeks later after the Incident ESU quarterback Joe Kane was placed in rehab after a DUI incident, Coach Winters is approached by the Alumni to bring back Bobby Collins so they have a decent chance to not embarrass themselves in the next 4 games when Joe Kane returns from rehab. Coach Winters has a meeting with the School board regarding to Bobby Collins reinstatement with the University where it is discovery that Bobby Collins has been taking courses such as Beginning golf, voice in speech improvement. Coach Winters then talks the board into reinstating Bobby Collins, However the board brings up another Student athlete Alvin may who also academically suspended, then when reinstated he has had four incompletes and five withdrawals. Coach winters argue that without admitting either student or giving them a second chance they have no future. Shortly after the board decides to reinstate Bobby Collins. This Violates [10.1 B] which states “Knowing involvement in arranging for fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts for prospective or an enrolled student athlete. Bobby Collins was enrolled in two classes mention as fraudulent which was beginning golf and Voice in speech improvement. Bobby Collins was also in Violation of [10.1 (H)] stating that “Fraudulence or misconduct in connection with entrance or placement examinations” Along with violation of [19.1.1(B)] Severe breach of Conduct Level 1 Violation which...

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