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The Programme For International Student Assessment In Australia

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There are many variables when it comes to determining the differences in educational outcomes in schooling institutions from the rural and remote communities to the metropolitan across Australia. This paper illustrates the disparities that isolated communities face when it comes to education. These main issues that have been highlighted consist of teacher quality and experience in rural areas, the high turnover rate of teachers and the unfortunate effects it can cause. The resources and infrastructure that students, teachers and community have access too. Finally the values of education in rural towns, and the significances of the curriculums content and relevance of test scores for job opportunities in rural towns. There has been a positive action that has been put in place by the Australian government and organizations to close the gap between the two associates. Which will be discussed and introduced throughout the essay.

Due to the varsity of Australia there are large distances between major cities and towns.

Since Schooling has been a part of history in Australia, rural areas have generally achieved educational outcomes below their metropolitan counterparts.

First paragraph explain the differences in urban vs rural in education through scores Naplan any other evidence like drop out rates.

researchers and government authorities lists of typical features of rural areas are outlined in
deficit terms: remoteness from administration, resources, expertise. lake david.

The programme for International Student Assessment, categorizes a rural school community based on geographic location, taking account of the population size of the community and its distance from the nearest significant city (Sullivan, Perry McConney, 2013). According to Baxter et al. (2011) 69 percent of Australians live in major cities; one in five live in inner regional areas, 9 percent live in outer regional areas and around and one in forty live in remote or very remote areas. Therefore almost one third of the population resides outside of metropolitan areas. The statistical demographics of the these communities show that students from rural and remote schools are less likely to attend university, less likely to complete secondary school and they obtain poorer results in academic tests. (Welch, Helme & Lamb, 2007). Hence Australian students who attend schools in rural and remote communities have lower educational success than opposed to the students in metropolitan cities. Further evidence can be draw upon from the National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), It began in 2008 to assess students using common national test in reading writing, spelling grammar, punctuation and numeracy. Students from grades 3, 5 , 7 and 9 sit the tests during the second school term each year. It has been found to be a useful tool to determine the quality of education within demographics across Australian schools. NAPLAN has identified through all grades in...

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