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The Progression Of Genetic Engineering And Cloning

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Imagine having to explain to your child why they don’t look like you because of you’re selfishness. Imagine thinking your going to design your baby and turns out it has severe leukemia because scientists didn’t put together your baby right. Where Genetic Engineering and Cloning is headed this is possible. Not only is this effecting your child its affecting the whole world as well. Many people think they only do this in humans it happens in plants and animals too. Genetic Engineering and Cloning changes the natural possess in humans, plants, and animals.

Genetic Engineering is deleting or adding different types for DNA that have different characteristics, and then adding them to a embryo to ...view middle of the document...

Korea has made a glow-in-the-dark cat by putting florescent pigmentation in there skin. Then they cloned the cat and each kitten had glow-in-the-dark skin. One of the reasons they want to genetically engineer animals is to improve production in farm animals. An example of this is getting a cow to produce more milk, or getting a chicken to lay more eggs. They have made a pig with human organs to test different treatments and medications on it to see how a human may react to them. There goal for the future is to modify animal organs to replace malfunctioning human ones. Basically what there doing is animal abuse because a lot of the surgeries and medications they give them eventually kill them.

Genetic Engineering in humans is the least practiced because of how hard it is. They they have already been able to to replace malfunctioning DNA with new DNA to prevent life time diseases or illnesses or to prevent genetically passed down diseases. Before your child is born you can pick what hair, eye, and skin color you want your child to have. This science has come so far as to cloning your dead child by taking live...

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