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Advances in technology have encouraged progression of the internet and have sometime been a drive of development. The advert of broadband has allowed communications to be faster, which has facilitated the transfer of larger file such as sound and video. This ability marked the beginning of the modern era of sites such as YouTube and iTunes. When we look at the side of the internet, you can see its still changing, constantly evolving Internet into every sphere of life and every scientific field. The reason for this rapid development is that today's technology speeds up the whole time. Not so long ago we had the premiere of the new Windows 7 operating system, and already there are further news about Windows 8 which is to eliminate mistakes and errors that have occurred in Windows 7 and bring new interface. In retrospect, Windows XP users have to wait very long for the next heir of the operating system that appeared after a few years, I'm talking about Windows Vista. And now all hastened, "barely" released Windows 7, and is already talking about Windows 8 which will be released shortly. As the technology develops very quickly, there is no way to stop technological progress on the internet. New ideas replace old, there are more and better ideas to make the Internet more convenient for users. If everything will go as fast track, a few years created the possibility of implanting a chip in the brain that allows access to the Internet without a computer or other devices
From the early days of the developments of the internet, the impact of the development was huge toward academically. As the ARPENET were based in universities, which enabled future development such as the first message to be sent via the internet with the supervision by the professors. Almost every school in the world use the Internet, it is preferred that affects both sides. Students who use the Internet in the school have access to millions of information that help them develop, fall further tasks and expand them knowledge. Then the Internet is gaining more and more information, because students will not only use the information from the internet but also put their knowledge into the Internet that all the time dimensions expand the internet potential.
Internet has become the universal source of information for millions of people, at home, at school, and at work. The progress of the Internet can obtain information on the flick of a finger. Academic side gained a new place where you can find millions of resources in every possible research topic. Education has become simpler and more comprehensive when internet since joined for permanent time into education. This allows the education that takes place in the house, and the course is conducted over the Internet. The student receives all the study materials online and his teacher who is available to him via the internet. Student needs only come to the written examination, because the rest of science can be done...

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