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The Progressive Movement Was A Liberal Triumph

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Progressive Movement:"The Progressive movement of 1900 to 1917 was a triumph of conservatism rather than a victory for liberalism." I disagree with this statement. The basic philosophy of "conservatism" is that change is bad. The basic "historian" definition of progressivism is: a movement for social change and improvement. For this reason, it is accurate to say that this era was a triumph of liberalism. The Progressive movement was a time of extreme changes where, social, urban, and economic; these essential aspects of American culture, were changed forever. This movement was famed for its change and government, which began to take a more active role in the aforementioned aspects.Social reform came largely through the workplace. During the Progressive movement, great steps were taken to change how the government related to factories Ect. This change came in the form of regulation. This included the implementation of philosophy to increase efficiency and safety in the workplace. Frederick Taylor, also known as the father of "scientific" labor management, was key in devising strategy to increase efficiency and production. Henry Ford, known for his success in the automobile industry, also had a major impact on workplace strategy. He believed that by lowering the price of his cars, he could make them available to mass markets and in turn be able to pay higher wages to his employees. The increased morale due to higher wages resulted in a higher production.The Triangle Shirt Waist factory tragedy marked the beginning of workplace safety reform. When the factory caught on fire in 1911, over 150 women died due to lack of fire escapes. The government stepped in after this event and passed many new laws to better regulate building codes and keep workers safer. Louis Brandeis' work in the case Muller vs. Oregon and the later Adamson act (unrelated to Brandeis) of 1912 were both a part of this new workplace reform. Because of the low standards of society during this period, the progressive movement was utilized to create effective change and reform in the social aspects of American culture.Urban reform was begun during a time soon after the reconstruction and industrial revolution. Although its influences are widespread, it can be said that its most critical influence was during the Progressive era. Progressive Urban reform was a movement when people began to care more about the bettering of self and others. With newer major problems facing cities, new immigrants, and immorality within the lower working class, this type of reform was much needed. The first Progressive type idea of bettering and standing up for one's self came from a book called "The School and Society" written by John Dewey, and published in 1899. This book suggested that schools should focus on children and should teach good citizenship, how to be instruments of social...

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