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The Promise Essay

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Lily stared across the field at the woods in the distance as she rocked back and forth on an old porch swing that had been left to decay in the field. The clouds were starting to roll in, and with impeccable timing too, as she would hear the familiar cry from her mother to come in and eat supper any time now. She looked down at the ground, trying to hide the tears reflected in her eyes. How much longer will I have to live here, she thought grimly.
Because college was so expensive, Lily had been living with her mother out of necessity for the last 4 months. It had been years since they spoke like anything resembling friends, and even longer since Lily thought of Darlene as her mother. When ...view middle of the document...

There was no point in wiping the tears away, she thought, Dar will never notice – she never does.

Lily just made onto the porch when the rain started to pour. She closed the creaky wooden door shut behind her, removed her shoes, and walked into the dining room with a smile she had become accustomed to faking.
“Looks like you enjoyed your time outside.” Her mother said from across the table.
“Yes, it was alright. I was enjoying the sun before the clouds came and took it away”
“Well the rainy season is coming.” Her mother shot back in a disappointed tone. “We probably won’t see too much more of the sun until near June. At least the plants are enjoying all this wet weather,” she said, looking out a nearby window. After a few seconds of being lost in thought, as she often did, she continued. “Are you all caught up on your homework for school?”
“Only a few more pages of my thesis to write and then I’ll have a week to just relax and…” she stopped. She dare not tell her mother she was going to have free time, or it would be filled with chores and gardening in the rain. “… And study.” She continued. “I do have an exam coming up in a few months and I should probably do some review in the meantime. There are quite a lot of units in my next one.”
Her mother looked over at her, catching her correction. “It sounds like you have a bit of free time coming up. I do have some work for you if you have the time. The shingles on the house need fixing and the drainage pipes need to be cleaned from the fall…” Lily interrupted her. “No. I have to study, you know school has been hard on me. I’m really scared I won’t get the grades I need to keep my scholarships. I promise, when I do have the time, I’ll help you out.” She lied.
“You always say that, dear.” Her mother replied in a rough tone.
“I know, and I’ve never had the time. I’m sorry.” She responded as gently as she could. She couldn’t handle the rain and her mother upset right now. There was nowhere to run if she had an episode.
They finished up the rest of their dinner in silence, and Lily cleared the table and did the dishes as she did every night. She wasn’t paying rent there and she’d never want to make her landlord feel that she was ungrateful for the shelter and food being provided for her. She gave her mom a forced hug, kissed her on the cheek, and headed up to her room for the night.
Lily opened the door to her room, shut it gently, and let out a huge sigh of relief. Thank the Lord today was a good day for Dar, she thought, I’d be doomed if it wasn’t for that old porch swing in the field. She opened her window, sat down on her bed and let the wet breeze cover her face. If only she knew how much I truly love the rain, she thought, it’s the only weather that keeps her calm.

Just as she was getting comfortable in her covers, she heard a vase break below her. Lily jumped up, ran out the door and down the stairs, to find her mother, collapsed on the floor. Instinctively, Lily grabbed her and helped her up....

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