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The Promises Film Project Paper

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Throughout this semester we have been introduced to the Islamic and Jewish religions and the conflicts that emerge between the two. While watching the movie The Promises Film Project, the filmmakers made it apparent that a lot of the themes that emerged in the movie really connect with some of the themes we touch on in class. Some of the major themes I noticed in the movie that related with our class was the relevance of a Literal Interpretation of Scripture to the Palestinians and Israelis, which creates conflict, the challenge of the Holocaust to traditional conceptions of God and Abraham as the father of Judaism.
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Because these religions take God’s word to heart, this led many Jews to question God’s presence in a time of travesty for their religion.
The challenge of the Holocaust to traditional conceptions of God is also a theme that was both touched on in the movie and throughout class discussions. In the movie, two of the seven children, Yarko and Daniel, had their grandfather comment on the topic of how Jewish people feel towards the Holocaust. The grandfather said, “I don’t believe God could have watched—and not done anything.” When asked by the two boys whether he believed in God or not, the grandfather stuttered and had a hard time answering the question. In our course reader, The Bible and Its Interpretation, in a section called Holocaust by David Chidester, he makes a point to say, “God allowed or caused this evil to be perpetrated…God seemed to have turned away from innocent human beings”(509, Chidester). The way the grandfather talks about God in relation to the Holocaust and the way Chidester talks about the Holocaust are very similar in the fact that there isn’t just one viewpoint that all Jewish people feel about this occurrence. Many Jewish people were used to seeing God as “all just” or “all good,” but this incidence rocked their beliefs and many people weren’t able to agree on why God would have done this to his chosen people and what it meant for the Jewish religion.
Abraham as the father of Judaism was also a significant theme throughout the movie that we touched on in class this semester. In the movie, Moishe talks about how if Abraham didn’t exist, then neither would he or any of the Jewish people because they were all Abraham’s descendants. He also goes on to say, “God gave the land to the Jews one...

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