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The Pronounced Regression Of Today's Society

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“A refreshed mind is a creative and productive one,” is a quote written by Kathy Bell, in her book Regression (Bell). In a society that is continuing to regress to the ways of previous historical times, does it make you think that maybe no one is working to keep their mind refreshed and allow our society to grow as opposed to it going backwards? Particular aspects of our society are regressing to ways that can be compared to those of the Paleolithic period, including the way our society's gender roles are portrayed, our ideology and how we treat people, and being civilized. We are reverting to women being the homebodies and taking care of their children and given high expectations, and men being the one in charge. Today's society, like the Paleolithic culture, has a monotheistic religion, and have put people back into groups similar to the groups the Paleolithic people traveled in. Our society today is also turning back and losing its civility, and becoming a selfish, uncaring group of people as a whole.
To begin with, modern society as a whole, is regressing terribly to certain ways of the Paleolithic period. For starters, instead of having everyone get along and be one happy society as a whole, we are regressing into small group that we are with almost all of the time, much like the Paleolithic people were (Engler). The Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers, which our society has not regressed to at this time, and they traveled in small packs of people who did basically everything as one, like modern day cliques. In today's society, we are pressured to fit into a certain group of people. Even if we do not fit into one of the more popular social cliques, we are in our own group of eccentric beings who fail to fit the mold of perfection our media displays. We, also, have regressed in the treatment of women. While women have came a tremendously long way throughout history, we are regressing to the basic ideas of women as sex objects and homebodies. The Paleolithic people made statuettes of women with enhanced sexual features (Cunningham), which our society is constantly portraying through media sources. It is near impossible to walk through a store and not see a female dressed suggestively posed on a magazine or in an ad to sell any kind of product. Women are also subjected to be at home taking care of the house and children and any needs that their husband may have at any given time. It is plastered unashamedly on any available form of advertisement, whether it be for a diet pill, gym, clothing line, etc., for a woman to look, act, and feel a certain way. Females as an entirety, are supposed to be in shape, happy at all times to meet any and all needs, look like a runway model, and have all of our ducks in a row. This is similar to how the Paleolithic people wanted women to look like the statuettes and to be gatherers, serving their husband, children, and other family members that they may have had (Anitei). Essentially, modern day society...

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