The Propaganda In Both The Spanish And The Communist Press Tradition

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The Spanish period’s revolutionary writers were thene referred to as Propagandists, since the aims of the movement were generally disclosed through the several articles, essays and literary works that they published. However, the type of propaganda that they made use in the Philippines was a lot different from the type of propaganda, which communist countries used in the context of the press tradition. They are different in terms of their foundation as well as the purpose of their establishment.
In February of 1872, there grew a strong feeling of resentment among the Filipino people when Spanish officials in the country executed three Filipino priests, Fathers Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora. This incident has later on led to the foundation of the Propaganda Movement in the country, which did not only aim to open the people’s consciousness towards the cruelty of the Spanish colonial government, but also strived to seek reforms and changes in the government as a whole. In simpler terms, it can be said that the foundation of the country’s concept of Propaganda took shape due to the people’s strong desire for complete autonomy over the Spanish government to which they were subjected. Some Filipinos who were fortunate enough to get good education and acquire a fair amount of wealth initiated the quest for such goals. They believed that in order to get the hold of their objectives, they must not resort to violence. Thus, they insinuated their grievances towards the Spanish colonizers through writing and published everything for the Filipinos to ponder on and for the Spaniards to condemn. They...

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