The Right To Property: An Essential To Freedom

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In John Locke’s The Second Treatise of Civil Government he says that “being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” John Locke stated that nearly a full century before the Declaration of Independence in 1776, yet his ideas for what freedom should entail can be found throughout not only the Declaration, but the United States Constitution as well. Locke understood that people have a social need for property ownership and how they should not be denied the ability to fulfill that need. The inadequacy of government to allow for the rights of property ownership, as well as protect those rights, limits the freedom and happiness of those governed. People should have the right to be able to own property because it raises financial security and success, as well as supports individual freedom and happiness.
First of all, property ownership grants the owner increased financial benefits that could not be attained otherwise. The Internal Revenue Service offers home buyers to receive many different tax breaks during the purchase of a house. Real estate taxes, which are charged annually on the value of real property, can be deducted if all real property in the community has a like rate (Internal Revenue Service). The portion of mortgage payment that covers interest on the loan may also be used as a deduction during tax season. An itemized deduction is also allowed for premiums paid for mortgage insurance (Internal Revenue Service). Furthermore, having an open loan account that is paid on time “shows that you can manage and maintain the account responsibly over a period of time” (Templeton). Not only do open accounts help but closed accounts, which have had a good payment history are used in credit score rating for ten years. This helps against derogatory accounts which are only used for seven years. In return, increased credit ratings can provide lower interest rates on future loans. Interest rates for high credit score are up to 1.6% lower for a thirty-year fixed mortgage and 14% lower for a sixty-month auto loan (myFico). Financial security is also obtained due to the owners increase in assets that can be sold or leased to gain a profit. Therefore, the financial benefit of property ownership continues to grow along with the assets the owner purchases.
Secondly, the idea of property ownership is not only innate but also gives people an increased belief in how successful they can be, thereby fueling them to live more productive lives. Children, although young in age, understand the significance of property ownership. In a study, two to five year old children were presented with a new toy. “Children who heard that the toy belonged only to them defended their possession of the toy more aggressively than children who heard that the toy belonged to the class” (Gelman 1733). Not only were the children defensive of property they believed to be their own, but they also wanted to keep that property. “Most...

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