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The Proper Use Of Technology For Higher Education Today, The

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The Proper Use of Technology for Higher Education
Today, the advancements and the spread of media and information technologies are bringing college students closer to new realities in contemporary society. Technology has become a crucial component in curricula throughout the nation. Every college in the U.S. is spending million of dollars to provide students with the best and the latest technological advancements. What are the best uses of technology and how can it be used to enhance the education of college students? Technology has the potential to allow students to increase their paces and the productivity. It empowers students learning with many kind of technologies such as the computer, Internet, Blackboard, chat room, etc.

        Computers have been around for years. They benefit students, faculties and everybody who learn to use them. Some colleges even require incoming freshmen to have permanent access to their computers or laptops. For students, computer literacy is an absolute necessity for them, especially in writing their term papers. Every freshman has to take a writing class, which requires students to write papers by using software programs such as Microsoft word. This way, it forces students to learn how to use the computer to write papers. Although not all students feel comfortable writing on a word processor, most of the students find correcting, revising, or editing much easier on the computer. It is not a bad idea to write papers on the computer because it is faster than writing by hand when you have more than one paper to write. Students can cut, copy, insert, or delete just by pressing a few button, thus eliminating the need to rewrite or retype it again. Since the process is so easy and less burdensome, students are more likely to revise as often as necessary to end up with as much productive papers as possible.

        Computers are also useful to international students in language courses when they practice in basic skills. Software programs accompany ESL (English as a Second Language) instructions. When students use these programs daily, they can improve and increase their own paces efficiently.

        Theodore Rozak states, “optional courses in computer programming began to appear mainly for students in the science, engineering, and business” (603). Computers have an impact on every field of study. Science students take advantage of computers by using computer graphics. Biology students can analyze and observe different kind of cells. Architect students use computers to design buildings. Engineering students use computer to write programs and design circuits. Medical students can use computers to elucidate body structure. Lastly, business and accounting students often use spreadsheet programs in much of their works, while computer graphic students can use technology to design cartoon characters or animation advertising.

        Most universities in the U.S. now have...

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