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The Proper Way To Train A Dog: The Dog Whisperer By Paul Owens

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The topic I am researching on, is if there is a proper way to train a dog by gathering information from different sources such as books, online research, and interviews. I know a little bit of the process of training a dog, but I hope to find out a way that shows the best results. Also, I hope to find the main points that is key to properly train a dog or a puppy. Throughout my research, I found out that there are multiple ways to train a dog and how different approaches can affect the results. According to Paul Owens, the author of “The Dog Whisperer”, the main thing to remember is to reinforce positive training because it works. It also provides you with a little bit of background ...view middle of the document...

Repetition is good but the puppy also needs a break to allow it to absorb the trick or command you have just taught the puppy. There many ways that have been said to train a dog such as using the clicker or without it. The clicker is just a basic clicker but it is used to reinsure the puppy or dog has done the right thing. Right after you say a command and the dog does it correct, use the clicker and when the dog hears the sound, you need to give it a treat with the opposite and immediately so they know that the click means correct. Most owners potty train their dog but it depends on your environment. If you have access to an outdoor area where the dog can freely take care of its business then you reward them after they go in the area you want them to relieve themselves. If you do not have access to an outdoor area then you can use what is called a pee pad for the indoors. It is similar to the outdoor concept, the only difference is that you have to make sure they do not go anywhere else besides the pee pad. Here are the six training tools that are provided in this book.

1. substitute another behavior
2. put behavior on cue
3. change association from negative to positive
4. withdraw the reward and ignore the undesirable behavior
5. remove the cause of the behavior
6. get your dog used to it
Within this book it also provided pictures on correct ways to train the dog and it has a separate section at the end which gives you lessons you should do with your dog. I used the clicker method to train my dog at first but it was quite difficult to maintain the consistency of repetitively clicking and rewarding with a treat. In a separate book, Kay Guetzloff mainly focused on the different breeds and the difference between that plus the difference in behavior between males and females. She tells you how much devotion you need for a puppy and how much time and money you are willing to spend on this puppy. Then you have to take in consideration what breed of dog would fit your lifestyle, depending on your home space and how much time you have to spend on the puppy and of course your personal preference. They also tell you what you need prepared before you purchase a dog such as bed, pen, food, water bowl, and collar with a leash and other essentials he/she will need. Then it briefly goes into situations that you might enter such as meeting another dog or taking him/her with you on a trip. This book has given me plentiful information which answers my questions for this I Search. To gain more information and a different perspective on training a dog, I interviewed Mrs. Yamamoto, a dog owner and who works at the Puppy Pound Rescue.

Today is the day. As I walked in to this urban building, I went over the questions that were prepared. Making sure that these would be adequate questions for Mrs. Yamamoto. I reached her petite office which was clearly where she did all her paper work. she had a cute feminine wood with Vivian Yamamoto engraved on it. Since where...

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