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The Properties Of Water Essay

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Water is not as simple as people think it is. Water is formed by the bonding of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This bond that is being referred to is termed as a polar covalent bond. Polar means having a pair of equal and opposite charges. In this case, that is exactly what is happening. The oxygen atoms are negatively charged, whereas, the hydrogen atoms are positively charged. Water is formed when one atom of oxygen joins with two atoms of hydrogen which causes the ends of water molecules to be contradictory charges. The composition and make up of water also helps it to have some very inimitable and erratic qualities (Chemical Elements and Water , 2007).
The polarity of the water makes it cling to itself. This is also known as cohesion which permits water or H2O to tolerate ecstasy at the time it is being positioned under pressure. For example, oil is not polar and it does not dissolve in water, but it does form droplets. The property of cohesion is also being observed when water arranges in a dome-like shape. Hydrogen bonds are the type of bonds that hold water molecules together and assist them in attraction to on another. Cohesion also aids in the expansion of surface tension. Surface tension is the effect on the surface of a liquid that makes it behave as a stretched elastic membrane; it is caused by unbalanced intermolecular forces. For example, if a small piece of paper was placed on water dewdrops, the paper would float on top the water dewdrops denying the fact that the paper is much denser than the water itself. The weak hydrogen bonds that hold water molecules together is attributed to cohesion and surface tension. Hydrogen bonds can break and reorganize with prodigious occurrence. Surface tension allows for the support of an item floating on top of its surface. A needle can even float on top of the water’s surface and that is all because of its surface tension (Boundless, n.d.). Water is considered to be a universal solvent and its solubility which is affected by its polarity, helps it to dissolve other polar substances ionic compounds and polar covalent compounds similar to alcohol and organic acids (Trademark by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2013). Water, however, does not dissolve non polar substances because polar substance do not dissolve non polar substances (Water Education , n.d.).
Now that cohesion has been discussed, adhesion comes in the picture. Adhesion is the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the assembling of surfaces of diverse composition. The properties of adhesion exist because of the slightly positive hydrogen atoms and the negatively positive oxygen atom (Demand Media, Inc, 1999-2013). When water molecules are exposed to other substances, the adhesive bond can be stronger than the cohesive bond especially when the other substance has a charge. Water’s adhesive properties can be observed when the water clings to the side of a tube. Capillary action also plays a role in...

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