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Only a few times have I been so tired when I went to sleep that I had no idea where I was when I woke the next morning. This was one of those mornings. When I entered the room the night before, I really didn’t look around much. So there was a reason nothing looked familiar, because it wasn’t. As my mind began to wake up, I slowly started to remember the events of the previous day. Did all that really happen? How else can I explain being here? It became even stranger when I stumbled into the bathroom and everything was laid out for me, including new clothes in my exact size. Is there anything these people don’t know about me? For the first time in my life, I think I experienced paranoia.

After showering and putting on my new clothes, I entered through the door into the main room. There at the table the entire group was assembled just as the night before. Had they left at all? They obviously had because they were wearing different clothes. How long had they been sitting there? Is that bacon I smell?!? And sausage gravy and biscuits? Eggs, over easy! This wasn’t any European breakfast nonsense or God forbid, Scottish breakfast with haggis and blood pudding. No, this was a 100% genuine Southern American breakfast. They did know everything about me. I surrender. I was putty in their hands.

It was obvious that there were those around the table that did not share my enthusiasm for the feast set before me. That just meant more for me. When I had eaten more than seemed humanly possible to both me and everyone at the table, the meeting unofficially began.

The apparent leader of the group spoke. “Today we will examine the prophecy. This is the final step in determining if you are the one.” Part of me was hoping that I was not and part of me was wondering what was for lunch.

Miss Ava addressed Garry. “The prophecy is simple but complicated. It is short, but full or meaning. It has been studied for centuries but still confounds the best minds. It was written in ancient Gaelic and very difficult to understand even translated word for word into English. So what our scholars have done over the years is to paraphrase the verses, being very careful to render the exact meaning. Here is the prophecy in its entirety.” At that moment the following was projected on a screen.

The stranger, Vindemiatrix, will come in the bosom,
from dean’s green pastures, whose kingdom knows no end.

He will ascend the hill and descend in victory
to break the bonds of his people.

A servant that will not rob the kingdom
but give himself for it.

Miss Ava continued. “The prophecy begins with the line, The stranger, Vindemiatrix, will come in the bosom, from dean’s green pastures, whose kingdom knows no end.

That line alone has been studied for generations and we now have the results of all the scholarly research that has narrowed its meaning down into what is generally accepted, in our circle, as the correct...

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