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The writing Prophets are distinctive from Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who were called prophets but they did not write any books. The writing Prophets are called so to make a distinction between the two prophetic groups commonly referred to as the writing or oral prophets. Prophets have a long presence in Israel’s history certainly this maybe why similarities have been found in the writing of the prophetic books. The writing prophets have been studied by many scholars and they have found some common themes in the books such as God, worship and punishment (McConville, 2002). With a short critique of some general information, patterns should reveal themselves. Thus, using a chronological review that includes information about the nations in the time of the prophets that notes the King of their time along with the general message of each prophet some similarities should standout.
Obadiah is a salvation oracle, it is arguable this was the first writing Prophet to emerge just before the prophecy of Joel. The oracle dates to the time of 840-830 B.C. (Barnes, 2012). The periods of the writings have been estimated. The King of the nation “is not mentioned”(McConville, 2002) in his writings for that time. The focus of the book by Obadiah is on the judgment of Edom by God. The Edomites had great hatred of Israel. The message of Obadiah is of disaster to befall upon Edom because of its pride and cruelty against Israel. This shows that God stands with his chosen people in times of trouble and will exalt them giving them hope. As it has been noted, the book of Joel is also written in a close sequence to Obadiah it mentions no King, nor does it mention the name of the warring nation that has been coming against Judah. Although, it is estimated as being written around 830-820 B.C., (Barnes, 2012) it is noted that Joel uses similar phrases that are in Obadiah, this suggests he used Obadiah as a resource. The prophecy of Joel begins with associating a tragedy that has befallen Israel from time to time, which is a tragedy of locust and drought. Joel paralleled his prophecy to a story about how locust invades the land and compares it to an army attacking. This story brings similarity to the un-repented sin that he sees as running rampant among the people. Joel urged repentance before a terrible coming judgment day by God if the people did not repent. Joel also preached God’s great abundance of forgiveness that God has for the people if they did repent letting them know there is hope in repentance and God.
The book of Jonah was written between 785 and 775 B.C., (Barnes, 2012) has the book of Amos falling in directly behind it and being estimated to be written between 765 and 755 B.C (Barnes, 2012). In the book of Jonah his writings are more communicated as a short story where he is directed by God to go preach to the heathen people in the nation of Nineveh. Jonah defied God by not want to preach to the nation, and tried to escape from the commission...

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