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Research Question – What can teachers do in the classroom to promote positive behaviour?
“Classroom management is a broad concept that encompasses the set of behaviours and strategies that teachers use to guide student behaviour in the classroom” (Evertson & Emmer, 2013, p. 1). This research will focus on what teachers do to promote positive behaviour in the classroom as I believe that it is important that positive behaviour is reinforced within the classroom to promote a constructive learning environment for all students.
No matter how much literature and research is undergone, classroom management needs to be discovered by the teacher to suit that particular class and their needs. This is where classroom management is important for a teacher as ‘the education process, which aims to form positive behaviour on the students, starts at this point’ (Behcet, 2012, p. 2901), the beginning to shape students and gain their respect before it is too late. There is no right or wrong, but finding and creating a system that works for the teacher and the class diversity will promote a positive learning environment for all students. This then relates to my professional practice as going into a new classroom that I am not familiar with and finding a system that works for me to help promote a positive learning environment.
The purpose of this study is to determine teachers’ and students’ perspectives in relation to positive classroom management strategies. The following research questions will be addressed from both a teachers and students point of view:
1. From a teachers point of view what strategies do teachers use to promote positive classroom behaviour?
2. From a student’s point of view what can teachers do to promote positive classroom behaviour?
To address these research questions, observations will be gathered while teachers are teaching students and interviews from teachers and students as well as using surveys to cover a wider audience.
Section 2 – Literature Review
Previous research has been conducted in relation to classroom management. In summary of most researchers conclusions I believe Behcet (2012) sums it up when he states that the teacher should be able to ‘manage the classroom effectively in order to attain the educational purposes at the highest level possible’ (Behcet, 2012, p. 2901). By managing the classroom effectively, a constructive and positive learning environment can be created for students.
Behcet (2012) conducted a study by researching student teachers’ classroom management anxiety in terms of behaviour and teaching management. This was conducted by a survey issued to ‘700 student teachers attending Ziya Gokalp Education Facility as Dicle University, Turkey, in the 2007-2008 academic year’ (Behcet, 2012, p. 2905). Data from this study was ‘obtained from the administration of the Behaviour Management Anxiety Scale (BMAS) and Teaching Management Anxiety Scale (TMAS)’ (Behcet, 2012, p. 2905).
The findings of this study related...

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