The Pros And Cons Of A Having A Partnership With Your Company

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A partnership can help or break your company. As a business, you have to be committed to your contract and they have to be committed to their contract. Once you begin a partnership, you and the company need to have a mutual agreement about where you want to be and go. It is best to go by the rules and when you go by the rules, you do not have to worry about any other issues at hand. A company should not lie to save themselves. If they see issues in the business, then they need to find ways to fix it. A company must be honest about the choices that they make or there will be problems in the future. Companies that form partnerships with other people must stick to the contract because it is a part of your partnership. The trust of another company is important and if it is broken then you and the company could be in serious jeopardy.
A business that I would like to pursue is my own writing company, where I will do books and magazine. As an owner, I know that it is hard to write a book as well as put out a magazine that no one knows about. If I want to have a good and profitable business then I need to think about the structure. I want the company to work like any other business. I want it be productive and organized. I would like to get all of the business and legal issues straightened out before my business opens its door.“Employees learning and development are influential for the value and promotion activities to improve the organizational employees skills and abilities in working organizations (Ulf Haq, I., & Ghayyur, M. (2014).”The problems that I have are the personal liability exposure. I was a partner, but not a general partner, in a business that breached their contract. I felt as though this would always haunt me, but a personal liability exposure is about a loss that was within the company. If the company could not become honest about the problems that they were having and decided to lie about their issues. It was due to poor management. “Some studies compared quality management practices in different industries. Most of authors reason that service companies have lower levels of quality management implementation than manufacturing companies (Holschbach, E., & Hofmann, E. (2011).”
Management is key in a business. If you do not have, the company is not running properly. Management is to help employees accomplish goals and to help them progress in the company. Management is leaders and leaders are supposed to set examples. Management was not living up to its positions and that is why the company went into a downward spiral. Starting my business has been easy and there was not a lot of paper work to be done for the company “Employees learning and development are influential for the value and promotion activities to improve the organizational employees skills and abilities in working organizations (Ulf Haq, I., & Ghayyur, M. (2014).”The problem that I have is guaranteeing that my business is legit, and that I will not do anything wrong with my...

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