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The Pros And Cons Of Globalization And Localization

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Before I start explaining globalization and localization from my point of view and from what I learned from the article given for the assignment, I would like to define the word.

Globalization is a term to denote that "something" is changing humankind’s preoccupation with territoriality and the traditional arrangement of the state system. Globalization is renders boundaries and identity with the land less salient, which means that it allows people, goods, information, norms, practices, and institutions to move about oblivious to or despite boundaries. It also indicates that something new in the world affairs moves most of the important activities and concerns beyond the national seats of power that have long served as the foundations of economic, political, and social life.

Meanwhile, localization is highlighting borders and intensifying the deep attachments to a place that has potential dominate emotion and reasoning. It is a boundary heightening which inhibit or prevent the movement of people, goods, information, norms, practices, and institutions.

The definitions and explanations of globalization and localization above show the difference between the two of those. They also show the disadvantages and advantages of them. Globalization opens people mind towards the new modern world that lets the opportunity for people's, culture, activities, norms, ideas, services, and currencies to be more modernize. Diplomatically, globalization creates an interaction between countries, or in other words it facilitates the expansion of authority, policies, and interests beyond existing socially constructed territorial boundaries. Economically speaking, globalization contains the enlargement of the operation of production, trade, and investments beyond their prior locales. In its social and cultural way, globalization extending ideas, norms, and practices beyond the settings in which they originated. In other words, globalization open the trade barrier economically. An example of this is McDonald’s fast food restaurant in some Asian countries like Indonesia, Singapore, or maybe even in Taiwan. This tells us that the food outlet such as McDonald’s has been mushrooming in the market, facilities, and interest. It means that people in Asian countries has been demanding change from outside of their countries, which in my opinion is good because they are not narrow minded in social, and cultural way. This also tells us that, economically, these activities would improvise their economy and currency system. But not everyone in the society can adapt to such kind of globalization. From the example of having McDonald’s in Asia. Not everyone in Asia can afford to go to McDonald’s as they all have different income and for them such kind of food outlet is categorized as a luxury food. Globalization cost is pretty expensive, which I mean that not everyone can follow globalization because it has adifferent criteria. It would be a pressure for the native people because...

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