The Pros And Cons Of Migration In London

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This essay seeks to investigate the negative and positive effects of migration in London. As the London Migration Observatory claim London has the largest number of migrants among all regions of the United Kingdom (UK). About 37% of the UK’s foreign-born population was in London (LMO, Dr.Rienzo and Dr.Vargas-Silva). Furthermore, According to the Benton-Smith statistic, London is the 5th International city in the world after New York, Toronto, Dubai and Los Angeles.That is why author choose this city. This research will analyze the impacts of migration to the London in the different aspects, such as social and economy.

Firstly, on of the positive impacts is that migration can provide specific types of jobs. The largest number of immigrants work in Hotels and Catering(42%), Transport and Distribution field (31%), Health(33%). Therefore we can predict that, mostly immigrants that came to the London are highly – classified. It will develop economic of country.

Secondly, it is in fact that foreign born workers wage less than Non-migrant people’s wage. From the statistic that Annual Population Survey (APS) gives (table below) we actually see that Non- migrant population of London earn approximately 1.5 times more than foreign born employees. So, immigrants profitable for government, because they help to economize money on paying the wage. However, if the earn less money, they pay less taxes. Therefore, Government loose money.

On the other hand, migration can provide some negative impacts. One of them is unemployment of native population. As it was said before, foreign-born are more profitable for employers; therefore they have bigger chance to receive the workplace than native people. From 1997 to 2006 the UK-born employed with London workplace change is only 51 000 people (UK LFS). Let’s look to the Non – UK born, from 1997 to 2006 the change is 315000 (UK LFS). From this statistic we can see that change of employed immigrants is about 36%, of native population only 2%. It proves that migration is not profitable for native people, because it is provide competition between local population and foreign born people.
Paragraph 2 (Social)
After the economic factors, here some impacts of migration on social area. So, the first and the most important negative effect of migration in London is the high level of crime. More than one crime in five in London is now committed by a foreign national (“Telegraph”, T. Harper, B. Leapman). The high level of crime is very dangerous situations for London population. Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, said: "Every new piece of evidence shows how damaging the government's failure to control immigration has been. They have ignored...

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