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The Pros And Cons Of Migration To Australia

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The Australian Oxford mini dictionary (2006, p.318) states that, migration is the movement from one place; especially a country, to settle in another. As stated by Mulvany & Caroll (2003, p.28) during the past ten decades the Australian Government has tried various ways of enticing people to immigrate to Australia. Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. According to Mulvany & Caroll, “The number of countries represented by people coming to Australia is a lot greater today than it was at Federation, in 1906”(2003, p.28). Migration to Australia has increased over the years due to various reasons such as: the need for specialist training, better life, environmental changes and child migration schemes, etc. The effects caused by migration are debatable, and in some cases evident.
Arah, Ogbu & Okeke (2008) have indicated that, over the years there has been a decline in the number of nurses and physicians in both developed and developing countries. According to Arah, Ogbu & Okeke, “staffing shortages, lack of specialist training in poorer countries and the financial lure of the West; have resulted in the migration of physicians and nurses from the mostly developing source countries, to the more developed host or destination countries.” (2008) The number of immigrant physicians: in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia; who graduated from other countries are between 23% and 28%. Countries growing richer, which lack proper planning and have the usual barely sufficient facilities; are able to train, but not retain or support, better quality physicians; causing them to migrate and become residents of Australia and other affluent countries. According to recent study, (Arah, Ogbu& Okeke, 2008) countries with more health facilities and improving economical and developmental progress; tend to lose proportionately more physicians per 1000 population, than more poorer countries . This implies that, their counties have to tolerate poverty to keep their physicians and nurses, but they need to overcome poverty to increase their investments in their health workforce. Although most Governments do not consider environmental decline as a cause of migration; it is evident that it is. Millions of people migrate during life threatening environmental disasters in order to save their lives. Shah (cited in Graeme, 1996) indicated that, natural disasters are increasing over time and that a large number of lives were lost and 86% of the disasters happened in Asia. Graeme (1996) in his study indicates that, there was migration in huge numbers by environmental refugees in 1976; when China experienced its worst earthquake. Similarly in Bangladesh, in 1996 five consecutive floods left over 30 million people homeless and killed 900 people, as well as 85,000 head of cattle. Reports by Kayastha and Yadara (cited in Graeme, 1996) indicate that, 15million natural disasters affect people each year, of which: 2.5 million lose their homes...

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