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The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Around ten years ago, the idea of a social network was revolutionary. Fast forward ten years, and it has become the norm; from the time we wake up in the morning until closing our eyes at night, social media has become a huge aspect of our daily lives. Social media is facilitating a platform for majority of events, parties, and just keeping in touch with people. When stopping to think about all the benefits social media is providing, one cannot help but wonder if social media is having a negative impact on society? While there are many pros to social media, a person must ask himself or herself if the cons are worth the pros? Or as I like to put it, is the juice worth the squeeze?
To begin with, I’d like to explore some of the pros of social media. Firstly, social media allows you to make connections with other people that you wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. Secondly, it allows people to connect with old friends, especially friends overseas. There are a number of friends that I grew up with that I wouldn’t have anything to do with if not for social networks, such as Facebook. Thirdly, there are many shy people out there who are socially awkward, and not so good at making friends; but with the rise of social media, they now have a comfortable way to communicate, even allowing for people with disabilities to have a social life. Fourthly, social media gives people a platform to broadcast messages to thousands, and potentially millions of people with the push of a button. This has allowed people and/or groups to get their message across instantly. For example, there was once an American graduate student named James Karl Buck, who was in Mahalla, Egypt, covering an anti-government protest when he got arrested. On the way to the police station, using twitter, he sent out a message to his entire friend’s and contacts. People got his message, and contacted the US authorities, which in turn got him out of jail (Simon, Mallory). Fifthly, it can even save you money. For example, I once needed to send a package from Los Angeles to New York, but the shipping was going to be costly. I posted a status on Facebook saying, “Anyone flying from Los Angeles to New York in the next week, who can take a package for me?” Within ten minutes a friend of mine commented that he was in fact leaving to New York the next day. Lastly, social media has made it real easy for people to setup events or parties. It used to be, when someone wanted to arrange a party, they would have to either mail out invitations or call people individually. Now all someone has to do is create the event on Facebook, and then with the push of a button send it out to everyone they want to invite. Furthermore, if something about the event gets changed, all you have to do is update the event on Facebook, and automatically everyone gets notified.
Social media; however, is not all positive. There are many cons as well. Firstly, identity theft has become a lot easier, thanks to social media. In...

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