The Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Sites Such As Mxit

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The dynamics of life have evolved since the time internet and social networks began. Marriage partners, friends and associates then met at balls, parties and dinners. Today people meet via social networks. The older generation resent “Mxit”, while the younger generation applaud the genius who invented it.
The most convenient way of meeting people today is via social networks, and “Mxit” provides this platform. People today live busy lives and are unable to honour their social commitments. “Mxit “provides an opportunity for people to get to know each other even if they don’t meet physically. It also allows you to catch up on your previous friends and older relations.
“Mxit” also broadens the number of people that you get to know. At a party or social gathering you can probably meet ten to twenty people.”Mxit “provides you with the opportunity to meet a thousand people in a day. Although you might not know everyone on the network, it allows you to get to know new people as you move on.
It is also fashionable to subscribe to “Mxit”. If you are not you feel left out.”Mxit” is South African and global but it us mostly used by South Africans. It allows South African teenagers to share, communicate and relate their experiences to each other. Unlike other social networks,”Mxit” is for free but you will have to pay a few cents for logging onto it. This unique feature makes it easy for teenagers to share their experiences with their friends at a cheap rate.
There are many dangers of social networks such as “Mxit”. The most prominent one is the one of paedophiles and rapists who use false identities to lure the young and vulnerable, t o abuse them sexually and physically. It is best to be cautious when choosing contacts on “Mxit”. Rather than talking to unknown people, it is better to talk to people whom you know.
“Mxit has been accused of making teenagers and younger children anti-social....

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