The Pros And Cons Of Technology And The Effects It Has On Managers

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1. How has technology changed the manager's job over the past 20 years? Discuss the pros and cons of technology. Please be specific and give examples.
There are two different views on technology. Some say that technology has caused harm to their lives, and others have reward technology with making their lives much easier. None the less technology has changed the manager's job over the past twenty years.
Technology has accounted for improvements in aerospace, telecommunications, hardware, software, and transportation. Information technology is one of the major improvements in technology over the past twenty years. With these improvements come crimes. A survey of five hundred and sixty-three firms claims that seventy-five percent of these firms have reported financial loss due ...view middle of the document...

Another great improvement derived from technology is electronic commerce. Electronic commerce opens up new markets. It eliminates intermediaries, minimizes cost, and provides a world wide market place. However electronic commerce couldn't take place without the Internet. Both of these improvements drastically change the manager's job. These improvements make the manager's job easier. However it also leaves the manager with more responsibilities. The manager now has to deal with electronic treats. This includes unauthorized access, password stealing, and many more.
With the Internet came Intranets and Extranets. Intranets allow a company to communicate with each other inside the organization. An extranet combines internal and external communications. This links communications with customers and suppliers, and also links business partners with other business partners. The opens up the line of communication for manager's making there job faster and more efficient.
With all this new technology came e-mail. E-mail is a way of sending mail over the internet. This brought managers to the issue of controlling corporate e-mail. Managers have to decide whether to use software to monitor employees' computers; including e-mail. This is a very controversial issue, because it brings up the issue of privacy. Managers found that employees were consuming work time to surf the web. This seems to be a big issue in many businesses. The question is; who had the right to read company e-mail. That violates a person's right.
In conclusion technology has drastically changed the way in which a manager performs his job. Technology has made the manager job faster and more efficient for certain tasks, however at the same time it has slowed the managers job down. Managers are now faced with new responsibilities and new task that you would never imagined twenty years ago.

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