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The Pros And Cons Of Teenage Video Game Playing

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Many people do not believe there are benefits to playing video games. The majority of them are parents of disgruntled teenagers. These kids meet a wall of parental resistance each time they make an effort to get the ban against video gaming lifted in their homes. They have used every typical persuasive technique available to them; including a promise to keep their room clean and free of clutter for the remainder of their life. Kids learn best in the company of trusted adults. That is adults as co-learners and partners not as police. Instead of implementing a total ban against videogames in their homes, a solution may be found if the parents and their children would join together in a fact finding mission as co-learners and partners to actively research the vast amount of data about the positive and negative impact of video gaming on the behavior of youths today. This is a great united learning and social opportunity for families in general. The children will help the parents to get over the hump of unfamiliarity about video gaming and not as police officers in their own homes. Most importantly, information empowers parents at a time when kids' tech interests have become a key part of parenting.
The beginning step for parents in this search mission will be to examine the public's perception of video games and what the research actually shows. We cannot deny or ignore that what concern parents the most, is the large gap, which exists between the public's perception of video games and what the research actually shows. The beginning step for parents in this search mission will be to examine these misconceived perceptions. The leading authorities in examining the pros and cons of video gaming are attempting to answer the question “How much of a good thing turns it into a bad thing and what is the balance between the two?” Balance is the key to everything, including time spent at video games”.
One of the leading researcher in this area is Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center, concludes that much of the anxiety Parents feels over the danger of video games comes from more of a moral panic than actual research. The most beneficial games are those that allow for creative choice and interaction,” Rutledge said. “It doesn’t matter what type as long as it suits the young person’s interests and has room to explore The following critical educational areas: Critical Thinking, Social Development, Educational Tool and as an Emotional Outlet.” (Rutledge, 2011), (See ref list # 9 )
Critical Thinking
Video games force kids to think quickly. In particular, action games encourage players to make fast decisions using evidence gathered throughout the game, according to a study explained on the Daily Tech website. Kids who play video games are given unusual problems to solve, many of which they must solve very quickly. This process improves critical-thinking skills and can teach kids the value of trying...

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