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The Pros And Cons Of The American Revolutionary War

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In every war, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Entering the American Revolutionary War the two opposing sides held a variety of assets and hindrances. These factors ranged from superior leaders to mere populations sizes. In the big picture though, all the miscellaneous dynamics for both Britain and the American colonies would be the ultimate decider of victory. At the beginning of the war, there were many mixed opinions about who would win because of the extent of diversity in both sides’ advantages and disadvantages.
At the start of the war, most would think Britain would achieve an easy victory over such a small and inexperienced group of colonies. This was also what Britain was thinking. The 7.5 million people of Britain more than doubled the population of the colonies. With such large numbers, the British government had no problem generating war funds through taxes. The monetary wealth Britain acquired also paid for the first class naval force of Britain. They had the biggest and best ships money could buy, and with them a record of victories. Alongside Britain’s vast naval fleet stood their 50,000 British soldiers, and 30,000 mercenary Hessian soldiers. Not to mention, Britain still possessed 30,000 additional American loyalists who were still loyal to the British crown. It would seem that Britain’s army looked incredibly intimidating, but as Britain soon find out, this war was going to be so much more than a numerous army.
When Britain entered the war, one of their biggest problems was uneven support in the war. One problem was that there were many American sympathizers in British Parliament. These sympathizers saw the revolt in the colonies as a plausible and reasonable reaction. The fact that parliament as a whole was not in complete favor of the oncoming war showed how right off the bat there was going to be setbacks. Britain also suffered numerous military difficulties. Along with the second rate generals commanding the troops, British soldiers did not have proper rations. The food and supplies they received was old and rancid due to the lengthy journey it had to take to get to them. This led to the next problem Britain faced. The war they were fighting was taking place 3000 miles from home and because of this orders took months to get to the battle front. The biggest and most drastic feat Britain faced was the territory they were fighting on. Unlike the colonists, British soldiers were not used to the vast wilderness of America. The unfamiliar landscape brought many obstacles for the British troops and made it difficult to move supplies and carry out military maneuvers. It was in areas such as these that the American colonies gained advantages.
The advantages held by the American colonies greatly increased their changes at victory. The American colonies were certainly the underdogs of this war. Even with a lack of experience combat wise, the generals and leaders possessed by the colonist gave them a huge...

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