The Pros Of A Western Wedding Over A Traditional Shinto Wedding

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Many couples that come from a Japanese background are starting to prefer more of a western wedding than a traditional Shinto wedding. There are several reasons for couples prefer a western than Shinto wedding because they have a different views on marriage. In Japanese traditional wedding both style and culture are involved and that has been known for many years. There are two major differences between a Shinto marriage and western marriage. When a couple is in love and they decide to get married, traditionally that is a western marriage. As in a Shinto marriage, the couple is arranged and told who to marry. The parents choose the bride for the groom or choose the groom for the bride and from there is a contract between both families. Couples today have different views and are not favorable with the Shinto wedding. Getting married in a traditional way or western way, people should be able to choose which one they desire to spend the rest of their lives with.
Shinto is known to be a Japanese religion, starting from the early 8th century. The meaning behind Shinto is the way of kami or the spirits exist in nature and in people.There is a link between present day Japan and its ancient past. Shinto today is known to be held in public shrines suitable for various purposes such as war memorials, festivals and weddings. As for the history in Japan, the tradition was the husband lives ith the wife’s family.“In the ancient times of the aristocracy, prior to the era of the shoguns, men visited the woman in the woman’s home until a child was born or his parents died, at which time the couple could reside together at his home. This was known as muko-iri where the groom married into the bride’s family.” (Nielson) Those are just one of the few traditional things that are done in a Shinto marriage.
In Japanese history there were many things that would complete the arrangement of marriage, which would be when the groom would go to the bride’s house at night and he would offer his labor to the family or the bride would offer her labor to the groom’s family. During the 14th century it was accepted where the bride was automatically married into the husband’s family. The reason towards arranged marriage was that it helped to make a socially agreeable tie, which would often bring some peace with feudal lords. It was important to be alliances than the couples actually wanting to getting married to each other.
During the Meiji Era in1868, the oldest son was the head of the household which meant he had all the property and rights over his wife. The women did not have rights during those times. The name for an arranged marriage is omiai. They still conducted in Japan today, but the percentages of omiai have decreased and marriages for love have started to increase. In the 1930s, over 70 percent of marriages were arranged, but in the modern age less only 10 to 30 percent follows the traditional custom. During those times women did not have a choice to pick their...

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