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The Success Of Louis In Overcoming The Problems He Inherited In The Period 1816 1820

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The Success of Louis in Overcoming the Problems He Inherited in the Period 1816-1820

Louis XVIII faced many difficulties during the period 1816-1820 due to
the previous French rule under Napoleon. This is because of the
Napoleonic wars of 1792 to 1815 and his reappearance in 1815 which had
a dramatic effect on the nation in almost every respect. As a result,
Louis XVIII had to contend with political, social, economic and
external difficulties where his decisions could have had a detrimental
effect on his hold of power. He was triumphant economically and
externally by solving problems. However, politically and socially
Louis accomplished successes but France was not stable in these areas
during this period for Louis to be considered successful. The problems
were merely avoided or not pressed upon in order to stay in the middle
path of political opinion.

The economic situation was dealt with in an efficient manner. The
finances of the nation from 1815 were revamped and French credit was
re-established owing to the experience of the ministers, Baron Louis
and Count Corvetto. They managed to develop a system of accounting
that was adopted to be extremely efficient. French finances after 3
years since the battle of Waterloo were stronger than their
counterpart nations in Europe with the exception of Great Britain.
What is more, this in turn re-establishment of credit in turn made
sure that payments of reparations were fast and prompt. This therefore
enabled France to be rid of the Allied army in a short period of time.
By 1817 Wellington had already consented to reduce it by thirty
thousand British soldiers. Therefore, the way in which Louis XVIII and
his ministers dealt with the economic problems of the day prove that
they were successful in dealing with dilemmas and appeased the
majority of the French public.

In addition, externally Louis XVIII aided his ally in Spain to free
the King Ferdinand VII from the control of liberal politicians who had
forced him to restore a constitution. The French army were victorious
in weeks. Even though the people of France preferred peace to war,
France managed to restore a despotic ruler so that they would not be
threatened in the future. This means that this was a successful
decision for French security and the correct choice for the Country by
the bourbon King. He managed to protect the entire French public’s

Nevertheless, politically Louis XVIII achieved his greatest decision
by convincing the pays legal that he intended to make the Charter of
1814 a working reality. He did this by proving his belief in it as
providing the basis of political life in France in the future.
However, in contrast to the economy and the war with Spain the

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