The Prospers Essay

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The Prospers

I awaken, pain surging through my body, and I’m in awe. I try to yank and pull, fighting whatever has a hold of me; frosty metal scrapes against my skull. Whatever touches me is not human. I wonder . . . what happened to my friends and comrades in battle? Once again, pain surges through my brain and my eyes finally open. All I see is rubble, gasses, and smoke in the air. Ash and chemical fumes go through my nostrils without any hesitation to kill me. I feel a shocking surge and pass out.
What is happening to me is now a mystery. I know when I wake up; I will probably not be satisfied with what this thing has done to me. I hear my heart beating 15 times per second through my chest and out to my body. While I’ve been in this abnormal state of unconsciousness, I have been counting. I have never experienced this before. My mind is wide open and awake, while my body is in a frozen state of sleep. I wonder when my eyes will open ...view middle of the document...

I now have some sort of super vision to it’s like I can see miles upon miles around me like it is right in my face when I want to. My hearing is so magnificent now. I can hear conversations that are miles away in city I haven’t been to before. Now I figure out that I’m not even running at my full potential speed I start to run faster. I was wrong early I thought I wouldn’t like what that thing did to me, but I do. Then I start to feel different I look down at my body and find that it is not my body it is someone else’s

In addition, I yell as loud as I can, thinking it can hear me,” What did you do to me!!!”
Next the surroundings that I’m in start changing with a pixelating atmosphere then I start seeing the rubble again the sprawled out bodies with different limbs that look like they were sawed off with something not of this world. Look to see if there is anything around me with my new senses I listen I hear whoosh nearby I sprint after it. I hear trying to speed up and hide to try to escape my furious wrath. I finally see it out of the corner of my eye with its metallic shine. I jolt my body to move over to it tries to run but I grab and indent its slick metal to ensure there is no escape from me.
I ask furiously, “What have you done to me, now I don’t think I’m considered human”
It then soon after replies with some gibberish trying to comprehend English, “E neter heerd ove E Zoculization Fleet Firstone.”
Now starting to comprehend English, “You are the new species Known as the Prospers, our empire is dying and we have enhanced your intelligence and much more to the highest standards of the Zoculization Government.”
“Why me, why not some other person.”
“Trust me you weren’t the only human contributed you are made of several others, you are just the host of them, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.”
“What do you mean by one?”
“There will be others like you just you are one of the first one, that is why we call you Firstone.”
“What Is your name metallic beast?”
“Zeuthrone and here is my apprentice Skorpio.”
“What should we do now, Zeuthrone”
“We shall suit you up.”

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