The Protection Of The Environment Through Law

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The protection of the environment through law is unsuccessful; as the protection of the environment has just recently begun to take affect. The protection and conservation of the environment has been a concern since the 1880’s; when European settlers came to Canada, and discovered its wealth of natural resources.
The protection of the environment however has just recently become the major issue that it is in today’s society. People worldwide have slowly begun to realize and become aware of the blatant destruction and deterioration of the environment and ozone. As well as the consequences and side affects, that we, as a society have created. The majority of people are just becoming aware of the frightening reality of the situation. As society becomes more informed on the issue of the environment, they too become more impatient, and feel that in the snap of fingers, the damage can be reversed and future damage can be stopped instantaneously.
Because of this the government has been put into a major predicament. They have, and must continue to create laws, to protect the environment. However they cannot simply place unrealistic restrictions and limitations onto the major polluters; that are the manufacturing companies. These manufacturers emit large quantities of waste and greenhouse gases. However that is the cost of today’s society. The world needs certain commodities to function properly; like paper products, gasoline, oil and other petroleum by-products, as well as many other products that; whether we like it or not, are harmful to the environment, to make and use.
Canada has done as much to protect the environment, as it has done to destroy it. Canada joined created several acts of legislation to protect the environment, as well as ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. With the election of the Conservative, Stephen Harper government, funding for environmental research has been cut, and Canada has eliminated its hopes of achieving its Kyoto Protocol goals.
The Canadian government has created several environmental protection acts, to protect the environment. The three main acts of environmental protection in Canada are: the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, the Environmental Assessment Act, and the Environmental Bill of Rights. These acts define and outline the rules and regulations for the protection of the environment.

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act or CEPA was passed in 1971. CEPA’s main purpose is: “to provide for the protection and conservation of the natural environment”. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act regulates the statutes regarding the contamination of the environment. Whether the contamination takes the form of a spill, or the improper dumping of waste, CEPA deals with the consequences of the action. Whether an individual dumped the waste, allowed the dumping to occur, or just did not report the action or spill, all could be fined under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Although CEPA is designed...

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